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We are getting right into the holiday spirit with the sensational Singer/ Songwriters The Modern Gentlemen!!! And they chat with us about their latest spirited single "You Make It Feel Like Christmas" and how they're keeping their spirits lifted through this season!

We are beyond excited that you're taking an interview with us!! Your new single "You Make It Feel Like Christmas" is a JAM!!! How are you ending your holiday season?!

Thank you so much! We are all spending our holiday time with our families and staying low key to be as safe and healthy as possible.

Are there any holiday tunes you have on repeat right now?!

YES! We each have our favorites on our album, but it's been fun to watch our families sing along to our other original songs, “A Christmas To Remember” and “Gift Of You”.

What is a surprising tradition you have as a band when it comes to the holidays?!

We always group text or call each other on Christmas and say how thankful and appreciative we are for one another. How have you taken care of yourselves and each other in 2020 with all the changes not only happening in music but the world?!

We’ve really used this time to adapt and learn as individuals and as a group. We had to come together and focus on positive things since our industry has been shut down this year so to have the opportunity to get this Holiday album released this year definitely helped us get through a challenging time. We are honored to have been able to chat with you! Where can our audience go to connect with you and listen to "You Make It Feel Like Christmas”?!

Our website is and you can like and follow us at @themoderngentlemen on Facebook, Instagram as well as subscribing to us on Youtube. We’re on all the download/streaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Amazon. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!

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