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Since their debut album released in October 2020, Wynton Existing has been playing their signature Psychedelic Garage rock out everywhere from PA to TN, leaving strong impressions in their wake with unique high energy performances and antics. Now we introduce their latest single:

Juicy Prevalence

Empty Remedy

Dead Astrology

This corpse will decay

There’s no other way

There’s no other way

There’s no other way

You’ll meet me down in the dirt forever we lay

There’s no time to stop

Lonely at the top

No more holidays

There’s no other way

There’s no other way

There’s no other way

You’ll meet me down in the dirt forever we lay

I am not a man

I’m an animal

Who is free to roam

You couldn’t save my soul

Know thy enemy

Empty remedy

Soon there’ll come a day

There’s no other way

There’s no other way

There’s no other way

You’ll meet me down in the dirt forever we lay

You’ll meet me down in the dirt forever.

What are your favorite lyrics from your latest single?

Wynton Huddle: ‘I am not a man, I’m an animal. Who is free to roam, you couldn’t save my soul’

At times I find it difficult to understand the human race, sometimes I imagine how another creature would observe us from an outside perspective.

Gavin Gates: Dead astrology!

What kind of pull did you feel about making the single?

W.H: I really enjoy how the intro riff starts off feeling like a certain beat or rhythm, then when the drums come in it gives it a very primal feel, easy to move to. This one was a lot of fun to create and a very interesting format.

G.G: The song to me captures a overall punk approach combined with some funk drum elements

Are all your writing sessions collaborative or do you go off on your own? Do you have a preference?

G.G: Definitely collaborative. Most of the songs on the album were already written when Wynton brought them to me. Tom tom, exodus, sex death and this new single juicy prevalence were definitely collaborative.

W.H: I really enjoy keeping the songwriting process open and flexible, we all come together to try and make the best piece of music possible and figure out how to best serve the song. Sometimes it’s a song I bring to the band, sometimes we jam and create something from scratch, sometimes we take an idea, dissect it and go totally left field. The open approach helps everything feel fresh and each new song album concept feels like an evolution of the past.

Do you ever compare the work you bring to the table?

G.G: The songs have definitely evolved overtime. We’re always discussing what we could do better in songs we play.

W.H: I try and do my best to feel like every project is a constant move forward from the last, especially as the bonds I share with the musicians I work with grow. Our upcoming album, Sexual Death, is a huge step up from my last album, Wicked Fabrications, where I recorded and mixed everything by myself as well as discovered my sound. In Sexual Death we had a very specific honed in direction in mind and I think we nailed it!

What is standard practice when it comes to if the song is really finished?

G.G: Listening to it over and over and practicing together.

W.H: Yep, pretty much! We try and not rush the process, listen to our demos on all sorts of different outlets and brainstorm together to make it as best as we can for our own individual tastes.

What was the goal for making the latest track?

G.G: High energy psychedelic rock was the goal for sure!

W.H: I wanted to make a song that gets stuck in your head, but takes the listener on an unpredictable and wild ride.

Challenges to the new music that no one would know about?

W.H: We Actually Frankensteined this particular track from a couple different sessions, we started off recording at our engineer friend's house, Layne Robertson. We took it back to our home studio, added some finishing touches and mixed it ourselves. It’s hard to leave your baby in someone else's hands, but I feel pretty confident that the end result was the best possible outcome!

Favorite memory in the making of this music?

WH: Having a full studio day at Laynes that ended with a mini pizza party is just classic studio shenanigans, it felt really good to get back into the swing of things and put our heads together to make it the best it could be.

Is there anything off the table when it comes to bringing yourselves into your music?

WH: If there is, I can't think of it. I remember one of my older musician friends tracked vocals for a song while completely naked in a booth, it was a particularly vulnerable song and perhaps what he did wielded great results. I might have to try that some time.

Leave us on a high note! And share some good news!

GG: We’re so excited to share this single and the album we have been recording and mixing ourselves for the past year. This is my first album I’ve done the production on. It is also the first album I’ve ever played drums on!

Socials PLEASE:

Instagram: @wyntonexisting

tiktok @wyntonexisting

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