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Niviane is an American power metal band formed in 2015 hailing from Sacramento California. Co-founders, guitarists Mark Miner & Claudeous Creamer along with bassist Rick Stallkamp and drummer Mark Sprague created the band’s sound by melding together their collective influences of classic heavy metal fused with modern European metal stylings.

Interview By: Guitarist Gary Tarplee.

What is the importance of lyrical value?

I think it’s super important. Writing a song isn’t just about the guitars, keys or other instruments It’s about a story being told and all elements need to come together. I like to listen to music and think of it as the music paints the picture and the lyrics tell the story.

And how would you say you value lyrics in your music?

I value them hugely. Although Norman writes all of the vocals for our music, he does an amazing job!

Have you made any transitions in the way you write your music?

Not really. We all live pretty far apart from each other so we do writing on our own. We all have professional recording studios in our homes so we tend to be creative on our own and then share our work with each other. It’s when we get together to work on the new music that everyone gets to implement their ideas and help evolve the idea into a killer song!

Who or what inspired you to write this music?

I think it’s just something that’s instilled in us. I have many people that have inspired me over the years, but I think that is what has helped me to develop my own overall style, yet keep it centered on the music I love.

Do you think it’s important to change the way you write or the way you think about writing as you grow in your career?

Absolutely. I think it’s important that you keep your songwriting fresh so that it doesn’t sound like you’re writing the same stuff over and over.

Who championed your writing sessions to keep you inspired?

My writing sessions are always inspired from within. Whenever I write something, I always stop and listen and try to take it from an angle of someone else listening to it. How would it sound to the listener? does it sound catchy?, is it something that I would continue to listen to? I like the music that I write to blend together and tell a story. Not just write a bunch of chords and call it good.

How are you championing yourself as you release the new music?

We try to be careful when it comes to releasing new music so as not to flood too much of it out there. We want the new album to be special, a surprise. Not something that when it’s released someone says “I’ve already heard six of the songs played live”. We do pick one or two of the new songs and we will incorporate them into our latest live sets so that we can tease our fans with the new music and peak their interest.

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