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We got to interview the phenomenal Singer/ Songwriter Jordan Massey about his "Heartless" EP, the heart it takes and where hard work led him!

Hello Jordan! We have to tell you that we loved your latest EP release "Heartless"! So we need to hear all about it! Also, are there any secret projects in the works that you can tell us about?!

Thanks so much! That part of my journey really has molded me into who I am now and I can’t wait to continue the story in my next Album!! The writing process was random and I didn’t know the full story of what I was telling until I wrote the last song “Heartless” and then it all came together, I couldn’t have been more proud of it! And the next thing you’ll see from the music side of things will come out this month. It’s a visual to a great song!

What is a daily ritual that you have to do in order to write?

I sit in a quiet area and really focus and channel what I’m writing about and how I want the story told. It’s more of a wind down and collect my own thoughts kind of scenario for me!

How do you balance your career and personal life?

Music is so much a part of my life, there’s no escaping it. I don’t mind it though, music literally keeps my world turning and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Who is a historical person in music that you would resurrect to be able to work with?

Michael Jackson ,Selena Q, or Whitney Houston for sure!!

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to chat with us! Where can our readers go and listen to your EP "Heartless" and follow you and more of your projects!!

My EP “Heartless” is now available everywhere on all platforms and you can stay in touch by either following me on Instagram @JordvnMassey or my website at !

For Press Inquiries:

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