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Kristen Ford is a singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Nashville, TN. Her live looping show layers beatboxing, harmonies, guitar, and drums and has wowed audiences from Boston to Berlin, rawkus Pride Festivals to pin-drop listening rooms.

Kristen Ford! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you!

Thank you for having me! What's your favorite song to play of yours?

Recently it's a tie between grey sky blue and broke stoned and 23- both tunes off my new album. But honestly, all live performances are my favorite :) How did the lyrics come about?

Usually, I write lyrics and music at the same time but occasionally I'll be inspired by something I have read or heard and build off of a word or phrase. I also have experimented with co writes since moving to Nashville, it's great to have that immediacy of a reaction in a writing partner, but typically songwriting is pretty personal to me. I like to be alone in a room, just vibe and then let the music and words spill out of me. Hopefully with a voice memo recording it.

Was it a difficult writing process?

My entire new album was slightly difficult, I was exploring some really painful territory in my personal life, but then again music is amazing and transformative, it can carry your through the hard times.

What is your style when writing new music?

I leaned pretty heavily on my producers June Millington (Fanny) and Brett Bullion (Now Now, Bad Bad Hats, Lizzo) for this one, I had demos and rough ideas of song structure, but creating the official "chart" and choosing sounds of instruments, knowing when to push for an idea or when to flow with a new input, it's a fun part of making a new record.

What was the foundation of this single?

The single grey sky blue is really built around the beat, it kicks in and doesn't let go! I have an acoustic duo "evrgrn" and it's fun how different the song is acoustic versus the version on "war in the living room"

How can fans get a look inside your world?

I would suggest my Instagram @kristenfordmusic for just my everyday things that make me smile and new stuff I'm working on, but honestly, my discography is a great way to explore my evolution. I've come a long way in my 5 full-length albums but there are gems all along the way.

Could you leave us with your favorite lyrics you've ever written?

You got me lifted I don't wanna come down Everything looks different Since you came around I wrote a check that I could not cash I wrote myself off running from the past you were a riptide there was no turning back you got me lifted

- Lifted From "War in the Living Room"

Where do you connect most with your fans?

I think the truest connection is at the live show. I love it so much. But social media is great- especially as we all had to bunker down through the pandemic. Where can fans listen to you LIVE?!

Check me out on bandsintown- I post all my upcoming gigs there. This week 11/11- 11/18 I am hoping to crack the billboard top 100. Thanks for streaming my new album and purchasing a download for just $3.50

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