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The Key of F breaks down their lyrical process.

You have this awesome sound that pushes boundaries. What's your favorite song to play of yours? Andie: Aw, thank you! It's hard to pick just one song that is a favorite. Since I recently started learning to play bass, I'm going to say our song LIES is my favorite to play, since that's the one I know the best. lol How did the lyrics come about? Andie: I was in a long term relationship that ended badly. With most break ups you have that initial upset where you are trying to work through your emotions and still be civil to your ex. Then a couple of weeks go by and you start finding out more and more truth about the person that you once thought you loved. You become furious, all the hurt from the initial break up is reborn but now it's as if someone poured acid on your heart. That moment of being incredibly furious about what I was finding out is where the lyrics came about. Was it a difficult writing process? Andie: Yes. Absolutely. It was a painful process and one that left me feeling vulnerable and really stupid for believing all his lies. What is your style when writing new music? Andie: 90% of the time I start with lyrics and they are usually dark-ish. I gravitate more toward harder rock, industrial, goth music but I do love the bluesy rock sound and that is who we are as a band. So anytime I get too far into a goth genre, my bandmate Marie pulls me back a bit. Which is great. What was the foundation of this single? Andie: This song started as a way for me to work through a very painful time in my personal life. I was beyond livid when I wrote this song, but as I was writing, something wonderful happened. I realized that my friends were right when they told me "He's made a mistake giving you up". That realization helped me take my own power back and know that I deserved better. I wanted this song to help other people heal from toxic relationships and to help them find their power. How can fans get a look inside your world? Andie: My personal Instagram is the best place to do that. It's @Andie_k Could you leave us with your favorite lyrics you've ever written? Andie: Try and make yourself feel alive Buried between their open thighs Can't breathe life into dead integrity I know you'll never find someone like me. Where do you connect most with your fans? Andie: Most often on Instagram. We do connect on Facebook and TikTok but usually it's Insta. The Key of F (@thekeyof_f) is on Instagram

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