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Ashleigh Rey talks unreleased music and favorite verse on current music!

What song of yours are you loving?

Right now I'm loving an unreleased song I wrote recently called "Drowning Midas." It's inspired by the myth of midas' golden touch and hypothesizing what happens when all that has been turned to gold starts to sink. Song you're streaming over and over?

I can't stop listening to Dua Lipa's "Future Nostalgia." It is absolutely an unreal album. What lyrics are your favorite of yours?

One of my favorite lyrics I've written is in "Synthetic Serotonin,": "The cities are empty but my ghosts are busy." and "I'm alone in the slaughterhouse, my idea of a home." Who do you turn to for writing advice?

Honestly, I turned to my mother. While not a musician, she's always honest with me and will tell me if a lyric doesn't make sense or if something just sounds... Well, bad! Favorite person to work with on your writing?

I love working with another artist named Stewart Arp. Stew is a great guitar player, something I am only slightly mediocre at, and getting to work with another singer-songwriter, who also has a deep understanding of instrumentation and musicality is so rewarding and fun. Give us all your socials!

The best place to follow me is on instagram!


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