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Singer/ Songwriter Brenna Beatty gives us the inside scoop about how she writes, what she's done writing and we just can't wait to get to hear the great music!

Give us your favorite verse in your song 'Martyr' that you connect with the most?

My favorite line is probably “it sounds like lies, but I’m struck by the smile on your face” because the song has a lot of elements of how charisma can be stronger than facts when you’re trying to get someone to believe something. This song was from a really personal experience where, looking back, I was obviously being lied to. But in the moment that person just said all the right things, I believed they would die for me.

Is it important for you to find the music first or write the lyrics?

It really depends. My upcoming album will be mostly songs that my producer created the music for and I wrote over it. That definitely helps me find a vibe, if I have the music first. But many times I’ll be in my car, or out in public, and I’ll think of a line or melody and know I have to write it down, or record it immediately. And then the music will come after.

What has been your favorite reaction to the song from a fan?

My favorite reaction to Martyr was hearing a fan cover it. Literally one of my lifelong dreams has been to hear someone else’s rendition of a song I wrote, just because they liked it or connected with it enough to want to sing it themselves. I don’t know, it’s just a special feeling for me.

What is your favorite song that you wish you wrote?

Oh my gosh so many. Like, I could give you a top 3. I’ll probably say Water Fountain by Alec Benjamin, When the party’s over by Billie Eilish, and Rosalyn by Jordy Searcy.

Is there any new music on its way?

YES! My new song “All You Wanted” comes out March 3, 2021, and two more singles followed by my first full length album will be coming out later this year!

Give us your socials and where to listen to 'Martyr'!

Of course! You can listen to Martyr on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon music, any digital music streaming platform, as well as YouTube! My Instagram is @brennabeattymusic, my YouTube is Brenna Beatty, and my tiktok is @its_not_brenda !

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