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The musical artist Omar Veluz will fight for his art!

How are you making this year your best year yet?

The way that I am making this year the best year yet for me is by focusing on the details. I believe success comes when you focus on the small things that could easily be overlooked. For instance, fan and following engagement is a bigger deal than I ever thought it would be. I once believed if I put my art out there, and if people like it, of course they will follow and be part of my world. What I have learned is that there is so much competition out there that by focusing on the little things you may get a much more loyal fan base. There are so many artists to pick from these days, so I ask myself, what sets me apart from the rest?

How are you pushing yourself with more projects outside of music? Tell us about them!

Thank you for asking! I have always had a very busy mind, since a child, I would always think of creating innovative products or services that could lead to a business. I suppose I am an entrepreneur at heart. Currently I have released and developed a Hair Line that focuses on hair health and natural regrowth of lost hair. It is all 100% organic and made of 100% natural ingredients. The hair line is called Vokse Hair. At the moment, I have released 2 Healthy Hair and Hair Regrowth Serums. These are serums that I've used to maintain healthy hair for the past 6 years. My hair has always been very important to me, and now I am happy to share my secrets with all of you !

I have also created an attachable wallet, one that can attach to your body with a belt, a scarf, or any type material that can be tied. This wallet is named Cartera Wallet. It is a wallet designed for the active person. It is great for traveling and also to secure your belongings in the case you find yourself walking through areas that you may feel unsafe. I personally use my Cartera Wallet everyday, and because I am able to carry a lot of things in my hands at once, such as groceries or equipment, I can hook the wallet to any of my fingers and not worry I'll drop it. The Cartera Wallet has become an essential accessory for me and hope it can be for you too.

The beauty industry like the music industry is so competitive! Would you call yourself a competitive person?

Would I call myself a competitive person? I think, in my opinion, I am the most competitive person I know. Do I go into everything like a competition? No, I pick my battles. However, I have stage fright, believe it or not, a lot of unexpected attention can really frighten me, so I am careful how competitive I can get. I am someone that is very driven and determined, therefore, naturally I am competitive due to the fact that I don't quit. I get tunnel vision and combined with my strong will power, I am someone that doesn't let things be bland. I am an all or nothing kind of person, which contributes to my competitiveness.

For the artist that struggles with confidence, how would you relay a message of loving yourself?

For the artist that struggles with confidence, I would tell them to dig deep into why they love to do what they do. Are they doing it because their friends told them to? Or are they doing it because they feel as if they are not seen without this talent. Are they doing it because it is their way to cope with the struggles of life? Whatever it is, it is important for an artist to establish why they do what they do. Once they have established the "why'', then there is the "how". How do they get their art across? Do they sing, paint, etc? It is important for an artist to know the root of things. In my opinion, artists always ask themself, why do we exist? What is the purpose of life, etc. Finally, from experience, this should lead you to the fundamental reasons behind the purpose of the art. With that, again, this is just my opinion, an artist realizes what they are called to do. It no longer is a way to express, but more of a duty they must serve. With this duty, an artist is no longer confronted with the typical pressures of performing but instead focuses on the path they were chosen to walk. This ultimately leads to self worth and self love, because you are a servant to your art, which is a reflection of what's inside. As for myself, this duty is something I cannot walk away from, therefore I will fight until the end. If I decide to quit, I have left a universe that many were hoping to explore. For me, Love is a beautiful yet very complex word.

You are inspirational Omar, truly! Give us your socials!

Website: Instagram: @omarveluzmusic TikTok: @omarveluzmusic Spotify: Facebook. YouTube: Twitter: @omarveluz

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