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What the rad Greg Hoy is listening to!

What song is stuck in your head currently?

I was at the Durango Conference this past weekend in Ventura CA so there are a whole bunch of amazing songs swimming around in my mind. Today it would be 'Beautiful Life' by Heather Evans. It's got this 80's feel to it to me which might be totally off, IDK. Talking about music is hard. Listen to her stuff though! And S H E R I L Y N's 'Have You Seen Me Now?'... and this heavy rocking band Sundown from Minneapolis which I hope we get to share a stage with on tour in September.

What was the process of coming up with your latest hit of yours!

The new single 'Highway' 101 is funny for a few reasons. First, it's about my 1st ever trip to California when I was 13. And it's fiction but not, you know? Slightly more experienced on a date with no experience in a car. And secondly, I wrote it over 10 years ago before I ever *lived* in California - and drove on - Highway 101 all the time. It's about the excitement of a first kiss. And driving in a car with someone you love.

Are you always changing lyrics or do you usually go with what you felt about the song first?

I'm a big editor. My lines tend to have too many syllables to sing. So from the time I am mumbling lyrics to the final take, there are usually a whole bunch of words crossed out. Efficiency is something I'm always working toward in songwriting. Cut the fat! Don't bore us, skip to the chorus. Not really on that part but it's a great mantra. Live, I screw up my lyrics all the time, however since they are my songs, I consider them just 'evolving'. :)

What do fans have to listen to right NOW?

Check out Cacophony 1 EP over on the streaming services! You owe it to your ears!

How much are you pushing yourself to make more music?

There's a lot happening. The new Cacophony 2 EP with 'Highway 101' on it is out June 25th. I've got a new 4 song 80's feelin', Van Halen-inspired EP mostly done maybe for the fall. Tomorrow I'm flying to the Great Lakes area to record 10 or so songs with my dear friends Paul and Tom for a week on Lake Superior. Expect a lot of whiskey and fire pits in addition to G and E chords.

It's 2021, give us your quote for the year!

Listen more than you speak.

Social media to keep up with the rad Greg Hoy!

Always at, InstaCrack, Spotify, and at if you'd like to see my game faces.

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