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Photo By: Surreal sister Photography.

Thank you for taking this interview Tia! When was the first time you knew you loved writing music? I would say my first song was stuck in you. I originally wrote it on the piano when I was 6 but then transposed it to the guitar at 8. It was when I wrote this song that I knew I wanted to sing and write more music. Did you always have dreams of being a star?

I have always had a dream of singing for other people. My parents say I started singing as a baby, but my first written song was at the age of 6.

Do you already have your acceptance speech for THE award you hope to win one day?

If I were to win an award, I would cater the idea of the award to thanking my parents. They are special to me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. (Ya they told me to write that -ha Kidding) Could you talk to us about the song that holds close to your heart?

In November of 2021, I wrote a song for my late grandfather. It is the most sentimental piece of all of my repertoire and is my favorite original song right now.

How did these lyrics come to be?

People deal with grief differently but I chose songwriting as a way to get my feelings out. When I wrote this song, it was months after the actual passing of my grandpa, but I decided to write in the form of storytelling. I worked in chronological order, and each verse represented a different memory.

Do you ever collaborate when you're creating your music?

I have collaborated before with another performer I met at an event named Katy Litwiller and we wrote a song called Inspired. It was built on the premise that we were inspiring each other while writing, and I enjoyed creating with her. She was 19 at the time and I was around 11.

What have you learned about yourself as you grow into your own as an artist?

I have learned that I don’t exactly match the sound of other artists. I am younger than most of the artists I know and look up to. Nevertheless, I listen to those songs and those genres and I form them into my own personal sound.

What is something you're still learning?

I play guitar and sing at the same time. This means my focus goes into my music and the sound I produce. At times, this can affect my stage presence. However, I am working hard on my stage presence while maintaining the focus I need on guitar. It can be like patting your belly and tapping the top of your head while smiling at the same time. Challenging at times!

Can you give us a favorite line to your new music that you can share?

I wrote a song called “You will be found.”

In this song I decided to work with minor chords as a challenge. In the bridge I say “and some thoughts are the enemy, so just put your left foot next on the ground. Where there’s want then there’s gonna be scarcity, if you’re lost you will always be found”

What music do YOU have stuck in your head right now that you can't stop singing from your fave artist?

A long time ago I learned the song Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. At the time I just learned the lyrics but recently the message behind it is making more sense to me. I have this song constantly in a loop in my head, not only because it is fun to play, but because I am finally able to understand it. Please share where fans can keep updated on all things TIA PENNY?

I am currently on Instagram and Facebook under the user @tiapennysings

but I am looking to expand my online platform and record my music this year!

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