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Katy Mckenzie shares her songs with us!

Tell us your favorite lyrics from a song of yours! It’s a big ole desert and there’s more cacti where that came from! How did the lyrics come about? I was writing a song about killing my cactus! Was it a difficult process writing this song? This was one of the fastest songs I’ve co written and one of the funniest! What was the best part of writing the song? I really love writing with metaphors and this entire song is a metaphor. Any lyrics from an upcoming song of yours that you can give us a sneak peek on? I hope she never second guesses. I hope she always over dresses because you never know when your last party is.

Tell us what fans should be listening to now? I’ve got 5 new singles out on all streaming platforms! Where do you connect most with them? Leave socials below! Katy Mckenzie's Music on Spotify Instagram- Facebook- YouTube- Twitter- Community-

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