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We got the chance to catch up with the multi-faceted and incredibly talented TV host Jazmin Kylene about connection, exploration and pushing boundaries for herself when it comes to her rising career in hosting!

Hello Jazmin!! We are loving everything you're up to right now! What's inspiring your creativity right now when it comes to being a host?!

Thank you so much! I think what's inspiring me is human connection and exploration. Being in quarantine has made it hard to be social so these interviews give me a chance to meet and explore something or someone new!

The Bsquared Boost on IG TV is really fun!! What's it like to interview artists!?

Thank you so much, I love it! It's a lot of fun getting to see the human behind the artists and the stories that serve as the foundation for how they got to where they are. It's incredibly inspiring.

Can you talk to us about Lali La Luna TV and how that came to be!?

Yes! I worked as a journalist for other outlets for awhile before I realized that there were things that I personally wanted to talk about, like spirituality, mental health and I would have had to make my own platform to do so. From our conversation parties, to our interviews, to our group healing workshops, Lali La Luna TV is a space for us to connect, express, and feel seen in a conscious manner.

What else are you working on?! Any secret projects you can talk to us about?!

So much! Especially a lot of workshops and group healing sessions so I'm incredibly excited for 2021. There's going to be so much expansion and community.

You're absolutely wonderful Jazmin! Where can our readers keep up with you because we're obsessed with all your projects!!

Thank you so much! They can find me on Instagram and YouTube at Jazmin Kylene or visit LaliLaLuna.TV for more!

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