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Some single's only need a single word to get it right...

What are your favorite lyrics from your latest single? Edem: “Freeka!” Sandra: Magic word: “Freeka!” Brett: The only word, “Freeka!” What lyrics were the toughest to write? Edem: I’ll leave that for Sandra to answer. Sandra: I wrote and recorded a lot of lyrics but none of us were convinced of it, everything was too descriptive, too figurative… and we only needed absolute freedom in the end we did, it all came down to one word – “Freeka!” Brett: Sandra answered this question well. Originally, there were more lyrics written by Sandra, but we all settled in on just the single word “Freeka!” to embody the emotional message we were all feeling. It was perfect all by itself. The best lyrics to write are often the simplest, right? What was the easiest to write? Edem: Again, a question for Sandra! Sandra: It came spontaneously and freely, just as it should be to express the concept of freedom – “Freeka!” Brett: Nice job Sandra! It’s a great word. What kind of pull did you feel about making the single? Edem: FREEKA! was one movement from the 7-part opus Sandra tasked us with to accompany her fine art performance scheduled for this year in Croatia. This section’s concept was the primordial bond formed between humans interacting on a musical level. So, Brett came up with a Chapman Stick line pretty quick, and in answer to it the Spanish guitar riff happened right away. The rest just fell into place. I had always admired Highlife guitar lines, and the electric guitar riffs wrote themselves. We love tracks like this: the ones that come easy are usually the best. The message of togetherness and human interaction seems more poignant and crucial in this day and age as ever before. Brett: The best tracks will pull themselves into being. This track was magic. Are all your writing sessions collaborative or do you go off on your own? Do you have a preference? Edem: We all bring ideas to the table. Having time to create our own parts is an important as our collaborative interaction. With this writing method we make a sentence from the words we bring into the conversation, or a story from our sentences. But, we’re definitely open to any approach; this keeps things fresh. Brett: Writing always begins with a single spark. Sometimes, that spark results from something one our KinderCrowdControl members brings to the group: A spark from a spark. But that’s how fire catches and that certainly happened here. Our strength comes from the collaborative spirit that we all possess. There is no one leader here, and we are all equally respected for our creative input. It’s a very productive environment. Do you ever compare the work you bring to the table? Edem: If you are referring to the music we bring to the table, the simple answer is no. We welcome with open arms any ideas. I had a mentor at the Art Center by the name of Roland Young (the Art Director at A & M Records in Hollywood in the 70s and 80s) who's words of wisdom still ring true to this day: No preconceptions. Brett: We don’t compare. We only feel; and sometimes one work will feel better than another, but nothing is ever tossed aside. As Edem said “No preconceptions.” What is standard practice when it comes to if the song is really finished? Edem: That credit goes to Brett. We get a mix to where we all feel it is perfect. Then we wait for 1 week for the song to settle. If we feel there is nothing that needs nudging or tweaking, we release it. Brett: Also, we don’t get emotionally tied up in waiting to release a track because we’re waiting to release an album’s worth of music. We believe that waiting for all tracks on an album to be finished before releasing is an industry behavior from the past and that releasing singles is where the future lies. That’s why you’ll see our shift away from releasing albums in favor of releasing singles. What was the goal for making the latest track? Edem: To fulfill our welcomed obligation to Sandra; to finish the soundtrack to her scheduled fine art performance. After it had sprouted, it took on a life of its own. It celebrated interaction from the start. We followed the music to its intended goal and fostered the feel of celebration and human interaction. Sandra: Rhythm that moves, music that flies freely and invites the body to move and opens the soul; dance. Brett: Our goal has always been to write and record music we’d like to hear ourselves. Sandra told Edem & I that “Freeka!” was her new favorite and that she couldn’t stop dancing to it. That’s the exact response we’re looking to achieve. Creating music that’s addictive. Challenges to the new music that no one would know about? Edem: Letting it lead us. Keeping the message clear and not clouded by personal motives. Sandra: Challenge is to create music with a universal message, accessible and clear to everyone regardless of language. That is why we always try to synthesize essential life values into unique symbolic words and sentences. Brett: The biggest challenge to new music is losing its spark. My advice to everyone is to record EVERYTHING so that you always have a place to go back to and start again. Writing new music is like taking a journey. Sometimes you get lost in the swamp and need to back track to solid ground: Even if it means going all the way back to the point of origin. Leave yourself plenty of breadcrumbs along the way! Favorite memory in the making of this music? Edem: Brett coming up with the main spine of the song, and instantly hearing the Spanish guitar answer-call motif in my head. The other parts just fell into place. Beautiful. Sandra: Laughter, how many words we combed for the title of the song to finally get back to that magic word “Freeka!” Brett: Every step along the way was amazing, but for me hearing the first playback of the Chapman Stick and rhythm was perfection. Is there anything off the table when it comes to bringing yourselves into your music? Edem: No. We enjoy this. We’re keeping it rolling. Brett: As Edem said earlier, “No preconceptions”. Leave us on a high note! And share some good news! Edem: We’re loving making the music and stoked to see that people, yourselves included, are so welcoming of it. We’ll continue. It’s what we do. Brett: Be on the lookout for KinderCrowdControl to expand our video content. We think you’ll really like the video for “Freeka!” Socials PLEASE: Thanks for the interview! FB: Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, Amazon Music etc etc: kindercrowdcontrol (remember, that’s one word!)

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