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The Magic of KinderCrowdControl and Sandra Ban

Get the inner workings of the trio firsthand... Meet KinderCrowdControl featuring Sandra Ban.

How are you feeling about your work lyrically? Edem: I love what Sandra does lyrically. She’s always intuitive, insightful, and so positive. I’ll let her answer this one… Brett: Lyrics are important, but sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it, that creates the connection. For me, music is all about emotions, and emotions are not always expressed grammatically. I feel that writing lyrically means letting go of lyrical preconceptions and letting more of your emotional state of mind shine through, even if just a little bit. How else did Little Richard come up with “A-wop-bop-a-loo-bop”? Sandra: Words are just frames of much deeper content. Music is the language of the inner world of the senses that penetrates deep into every human being, yet it is not an abstraction for everyone, the abstract concept is very complex, so the addition of a word, even a single word, is essential for defining the concept of music. You came out with your last single 'Yes' featuring Sandra Ban, what was that collaboration like lyrically? Edem: So, several months back, Sandra tasked Brett and I with composing a 7 part opus to accompany a fine art performance she has scheduled for next year in Croatia. One of these segments was titled “lounge”. She sent us an example of the “feel” she wanted for this section, and Brett ran with an idea; he composed a Chapman Stick, thumb piano, and sequencer riff that was awesome. After tracking these parts, I came up with a Voxbox riff and a Spanish guitar break for it. It all happened effortlessly. After hearing a bounce of our mix, Sandra was blown away, and felt she only needed to add “yes” for the lyrical content. I’ll let her add her insight into this! Brett: It was like magic. Sandra set the challenge for Edem & I to craft a piece of music with a certain style. No key signature. No beat. No pace. Totally up to us. Musically, we sent her something very open and simple to which she began adding lyrics to which we could then add orchestration. For all of us, a recipe that continues to work well. Sandra: The concept of "Yes" is a feeling of happiness, not in euphoric form, but in an inner peaceful feeling of satisfaction, true joy, one that lasts longer than the current adrenaline happiness. It was very challenging to express it without turning out to be pure “cheerful jumping”. Brett and Edem did a phenomenal job! Professionals who have remarkably translated that feeling into a superb artistic tune. Do you feel a push or a pull when it comes to writing right now? Edem: Definitely a pull! Brett, Sandra and I have 2 more segments from the 7 part opus almost complete. We will release them next year. They are amazing. I’m loving all our collaborative efforts. These wouldn’t be happening quite this way if not for Sandra’s prompting. Brett and I are loving composing around a concept that did not originate with us. Brett: Pull! Except for all things “Social Media”. For me, that’s a hard push. I’m just not that much of an extravert. That said, I’m not opposed to Social Media as long as I’m not the one spending all the time to create the content. To me, I’d prefer spending my time writing, crafting, composing. Now if someone else wanted to do all of the filming, editing, posting etc., go for it. It just wouldn’t be me. Sandra: I don't know, for me it's both, and none of it; everything comes spontaneously. Are all your writing sessions collaborative or do you go off on your own as well. Do you have a preference? Edem: We all bring concepts to the table. We individually originate riffs and ideas for sure, but the real reward comes in the collaboration; this is without question. We create a dance, without bounds and preconception. Brett: No preconceptions. No predefined formula. But generally, the spark starts within one of us then catches fire with the others and then we’re off. I have to say that writing music today is so much easier than it used to be. Do you realize that there’s an entire recording studio in your Smartphone, and that the product you generate can be shared instantly anywhere in the world. What would Beethoven have said about that! Sandra: Edem told the truth; without togetherness and cooperation, energetically not everything would be so strong. Do you ever compare the work you bring to the table? How does that benefit or distract from your common goal of making great music? Edem: We know each other, and our sound, very well. So, everybody trusts everyone else to bring their best game and originality to the table. We all look forward to creative challenges, and welcome surprise and innovation from each other. Collaboration for us is always a benefit. Brett: We always have plenty of irons on the fire so we have a lot of material to pull from. With that, things are always “fresh”. Interpretation and performance carry no pre-conceived scripts. This keeps things open all the time so there’s no time for distractions. Sandra: I'm always looking forward to when guys change or add or subtract something... I'm always thrilled with a different angle of view, and without complementarity and cooperation there is no progress, so I welcome new surprises :-) What are your favorite lyrics on ‘Yes’’? Edem: “Yes” and “It’s a Beautiful Life”. Brett: “Yes”. But it’s the way Sandra says it. I also have to shout out to Edem for the vocoder work. Nice tandem to Sandra’s voice. “Straight Up!” Sandra: :))))))... these are just a few words, that's all and most important: "It’s a Beautiful Life”. “Yes". Is there anything off the table when it comes to bringing yourselves into your music? Edem: Nothing at all. Here’s an example: one of the sections Sandra had requested was titled “punk rock or metal”. Obviously KinderCrowdControl does not comfortably fit either of those categories per se. BUT, and here’s the message, once we had made the catagory FIT OUR MUSIC, as opposed to the other way around, we created our KinderCrowdControl version of metal and punk. Very cool. There are no rules, and no limits. Brett: Don’t touch my Tequila. Sandra: When I was looking for punk/rock/metal ... it wasn't literally melodic about those styles, but the background to the concept of why, how, and when those styles came about. Art is the only true history because it truly expresses the global consciousness of humanity at that moment. Since we are in the phase of evolution, unification with this style of "music" or "message" of the state of consciousness in certain circumstances is a very important answer for the further development of evolution itself. KCC responded very well to the challenge and created something new, a kind of stylistic equality, a great new balanced genre, you will hear soon! Leave us on a high note! Edem: I would like to wish everybody a great 2022, and a huge thanks to everyone who supported us in 2021. Big love to BsquaredMGMT for their faith, support, and love of our music. We wouldn’t be here right now if not for them. Also to Marco Rocha at Transmission Lima for continually spinning KinderCrowdControl for all these years. Finally, to all the musicians who have donated their skills to our music; this includes Brett and Sandra. I am so proud and honored to be walking this road with them. Look forward to 2 new tracks coming out early in 2022! They’re amazing! To everyone out there: Be your best, love a lot, celebrate your voice and remember: there are no rules. Brett: We’ve been blessed this year to catch the attention of people like you. It’s really awesome to feel like we have a voice– and judging by all the Spotify plays lately, our voice seems to be getting bigger. So thank you and all your readers. And lastly, give KinderCrowdControl “Yes” a spin! You may find a new band you like. Sandra: I would like to wish everyone great growth from now on 2022 so forever in YES feel :-) and thank you so much to everyone who supports us; BELIEVE, and it will come back to you sevenfold! Love You! Happy life!!! Socials PLEASE: Thanks for the interview! Remember, KinderCrowdControl is one word! FB: IG, TikTok, Spotify, Amazon Music etc: kindercrowdcontrol

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