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A sneak peak into the lyrics of musician Chris Koehn.

Tell us your favorite lyrics from a song of yours! Breathe in live your present life. Enjoy the silence of our mind. Laughter, our mind enters the void. Stop waiting for happiness to come. How did the lyrics come about ? I was doing my daily guided meditation when I realized the importance of the message I was listening & doing: Breathing, staying present, enjoying watching my minds thoughts & emotions.

So I knew I needed to share this important life reminder: "Stop waiting for happiness to come" We are always thinking : when we achieve this, or if we are with x person, or if get X job we will be happy. But the truth is if we are grateful for what we have, and stay on the present without thinking, just enjoying this moment, that is true happiness. Was it a difficult process writing this song? At the time lyrics weren’t that difficult to write, it’s tittle “Enter The Void” was inspired by Gaspar Noé´s movie and I knew I wanted to transmit the movie´s message. Musically it was much more difficult, since the song structure is complicated and different than a normal song format. Probably it has been the song that has taken me most time to record. ( Almost 11 months !! ) What was the best part of writing the song? At some point after many months I felt stuck on the mixing process, although I knew I wanted a specific sound I couldn't reach it. I t felt very saturated and I felt frustrated with the song. Afterwards, I started working together with Grammy producer Phil Vinall on the mix and he really achieved a great sound, so it was a nice result to listen. Any lyrics from an upcoming song of yours that you can give us a sneak peek on? Yes of course. It’s called Sympatheia, I wrote it during the quarantine and is the first single of my upcoming EP coming this Fall. Limit distractions Watch your thoughts. Be grateful to have a home. Write down your dreams Make Love Be kind to yourself Let go. Tell us what fans should be listening to now? 1. Sharon Van Etten´s & Angel Olsen´s acoustic version of “ LikeI Used to “ 2. Timber Timbre´s New EP I Am Coming to Paris. 3. Billie Eilish new album Happier Than Ever. 4. Playlist w/ my latest single which just premiered on Netflix no. 1 series Control Z : ¨” Little Wonder ( Live From Home ) Where do you connect most with them? Leave socials below! Instagram is my favorite platform and where I most interact. And on Youtube I also like talking about my videos and chatting with my fans.

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