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Summoning the spirit of 2000's hardcore, Dallas, Texas band Nygma has established a reputation for surrealistic lyrics, unorthodox guitar melodies, unpredictable shifts in tempo and rhythm, and wild stage presence.

Burnie, Colten, and Caleb have been playing music together for close to 16 years, they've been in other bands together as well as touring the US multiple times. The three of them met through local church functions in Mansfield, Ohio. Burnie met Daniel and Chris through the local scene in Denton, Texas. The five have been playing together for close to years now. NYGMA started as an outlet that wasn't faith-based even though you hear them touch on their faith, backgrounds, and beliefs in lyrics. They grew up in Church/shul, their parents are pastors, etc. With NYGMA, they wanted to explore other avenues and that's where they are now.

What is the importance of lyrical value? And how would you say you value lyrics in your music?

It really depends on the song. If it's a song like ‘Hands Of The Arsenic’ then the lyrical content is heavy and deep, containing heartfelt emotion due to real life situations. If it's a song like ‘The Fat Nasty’ then the lyrics are just fun and nonsensical.

Have you made any transitions in the way you write your music?

We went from writing all types of music, to trying to make songs that make more sense as a whole. We are still being experimental, but not too much where it doesn't make sense on our future album.

Who or what inspired you to write this music?

All of our favorite artists from ‘The Mars Volta’ to ‘Every Time I die’ and everything in between.

Do you think it’s important to change the way you write or the way you think about writing as you grow in your career?

We feel like it's inevitable. You start feeling the pressure from outside of your band circle the more attention you get. We went from writing music in our room only a handful of people would hear, to thousands across the country, and you start getting a sense of what your fans want more of. We don't want to let our new fans down so we want to keep writing a certain way but also implement some mainstream sounds and production to it.

Who championed your writing sessions to keep you inspired?

There is no “one champion”. There are many and we take whatever inspiration may come because writers block sucks.

How are you championing yourself as you release the new music?

We are just trying to get our music out to as many people as possible whether that's through music videos, or self promotion.

Socials please and thank YOU! Please drop the link to the new music here:

Nygma - YouTube

Nygma (@nygmanoise) • Instagram photos and videos

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