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Tess Posner is a shift in the ether with her new music and is bringing more hope as she drops more.

It's exciting that you've released New Angels! What was the most exciting part of it?

Probably getting to work with some amazing collaborators to help me bring the orchestration to life, including Violin and Viola Performances by Andrew Joslyn, cello performances by Eli Weinberger and mixing, mastering by George Wiederkehr.

How did the lyrics come about?

I wrote them after walking home one day when I thought it was snowing in California in July. But what I thought was snow was actually ash, from a man who appeared to be homeless who had lit a fire in the middle of the sidewalk. I watched everyone rush by, ignoring him, as most of us do walking to work or home living in the city. I am no better, but this time it just hit me differently because I stopped walking to actually take in the scene. It felt like his fire was in some way trying to warm the coldness in the world all around him, though it was the middle of summer. I went home and wrote this song “New Angels” about how we continue to have hope despite all the suffering in the world, and people’s seeming indifference to making change.

Was it a difficult music making process?

I feel that there are always learnings with every new song, so in some ways every creation is difficult because you are trying to bring something to life that doesn’t exist yet. That challenge is definitely part of the fun!

What is your style of making music?

I used to be more focused on electro- pop, but lately I’ve been drawn to more acoustic focused sounds. This song is a remix and has a lot of orchestral elements including: strings, brass, horns, flutes, organ and piano.

What was the foundation of this single?

The title New Angels comes from a 1920 Paul Klee painting, “Angelus Novus”, which inspired philosophers to contemplate how humanity can move forward in the face of dark times. To me, new angels can mean hopeful ideas or events that we can’t understand or haven’t envisioned yet. The idea of something completely new happening that we can’t expect, is often the type of creative thinking that we need to solve major challenges like the ones we face today.

What do you want fans to get from the single New Angels the MOST?

The reminder of a light inside. I wrote this song about how sometimes it can seem like there is little hope in the face of so many large problems, like the pandemic and climate change, and that there must be another way to approach it rather than giving up hope. I wanted to remind ourselves that we can create change, even when things look completely bleak.

Could you leave us with your favorite lyrics to New Angels?

“Broken lights and concrete squares

Hurried bodies everywhere

Ash snows from a lone man’s fire

Trying to thaw the world’s ire

But hearts are bound in barbed wire

Hearts are bound in barbed wire”

Where do you connect most with your fans?

I have a private Facebook group- I love connecting with them there in a more intimate setting, it’s wonderful to get to know people from all over the world!

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