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We got to catch up with the cool and incredibly talented Singer/ Songwriter Athxna about her latest holiday single "Santa Baby", her upcoming single "Eden" and what has helped her navigate not only as a musician but a business woman!

Hello Athxna! You sound AMAZING on "Santa Baby" and everyone should be listening to the holiday single! What has the reaction to the song been like!?

Thank you SO very much! That means so much to me! I've had a lot of people reaching out telling me how much they love it and my heart is so full! It has over 3,000 streams on Spotify and that's just insane to me!

Who’s art are you inspired by and why?

I am inspired by women. ALL women.

What life experience have you been able to apply in your career?

Everything I've learned in life has led me to be a better musician and business woman. I went to school for music industry studies and with that I have been able to navigate the industry a lot easier.

Are there any new projects that are coming up that you can share with us?!

AHHH YES! I am releasing a song in a couple months called "EDEN". It's a whole vibe and I'm so excited about this one!

You have such amazing energy!! Where can our readers go and follow YOU and listen to "Santa Baby"!!!

Thank you SOOOO MUCH! You can find me on all socials @Athxnaofficial :) And listen to "Santa Baby" on my Youtube Channel! Thank you!

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