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Jordan Lake tells us what he's focused on beyond his music!

What is your favorite song in your catalogue?

That’s really hard to choose because I connect with different songs in different ways.. at the moment I’m really feeling hunters and wolves.

Favorite verse in that song?

On the hunt, on the run, to satisfy your appetite.

What other music are you singing to?

I’m really enjoying The Weeknd at the moment, As well as Little Mix’s Latest album confetti.

How are you making the most of your time these days?

You know I’m super focused on my vision with my music… But also staying focused on my fitness.

What is the most special part about the writing process?

Creativity: I like telling stories that are different and in a different way.

Are you constantly learning about your craft?

Always learning about different sounds and trying to be unique

Give us links on how to keep up with you! Thank you Jordan!

And hear all of my music on all streaming services!

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