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Savor brings their own flavor of poetic lyrics.

How are you feeling about your work lyrically? This is a loaded question for me! In fact, they are really two parts to the answer. The first part is that I come from the school of lyric writing that stresses the sound of the lyrics when sung. Of course the meaning is important, but the focus is on words that sound pleasing to the ear. Which leads to the second part of the answer: because of the style of music, and the way the language sounds, I ended up writing all the lyrics in Spanish. While I do speak Spanish, it is not my native tongue, and I had to make sure to check all the phrasing with native speakers to avoid saying something that sounded really awkward. The advantage is that Spanish is such a beautifully-mellifluous language, that you can sing about fixing a garbage disposal, and it sounds poetic! Do you feel a push or a pull when it comes to writing right now? I definitely feel a push, which is a really good thing. After a period of not writing, I find myself highly motivated and taking advantage of it. Are all your writing sessions collaborative or do you go off on your own as well. Do you have a preference? I do almost all of the original songwriting by myself; I find it’s more productive that way. However, the second phase of crafting songs is the arrangement. For this portion, I much prefer working it out with a band. In addition, it’s great to be able to test the songs in front of live audiences – very much like the way that movie producers will test endings in front of studio audiences. By judging the response of the audience, you can see whether or not your song is resonating with them. If you don’t feel the connection, you have a chance to go back and write something more compelling, that will have more of an effect. I definitely used this technique extensively when writing the songs for the first album. Do you ever compare your previous work? How does that benefit or distract from your common goal of making great music? Fact is, I do both. As a songwriter, you can get very fragile and protective about your creations, and this can get in the way of improving them. But if you can keep yourself open to criticism – especially your own critiques! – you have a terrific opportunity to grow as a songwriter. What are your favorite lyrics of yours right now? My favorite lyrics are for the song A Donde Vas. They strayed quite a bit from the standard format of boy meets girl, falls in love, etc. And, I love the terse, syncopated rhythmic feel of the words. Is there anything off the table when it comes to bringing yourselves into your music? What I avoid at all costs is “settling for just OK.” That will not do! The level of musicianship in this band is extraordinary, and I try to make sure that the songwriting matches that. Leave us on a high note! Best advice you have for fans! Listen to everything! I grew up hearing classical, jazz, pop, rock, and just about every kind of music in between. Stations these days tend to be very monochromatic, in that they play a very specific genre. But there are so many kinds of beautiful, incredible music. I try to listen to it all! Socials PLEASE:

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