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We got the exciting opportunity to interview the rising star, Dina Renee!! This Singer/ Songwriter talks leaving her comfort zone, hurdles that helped her and why you have to just keep going!

Hello Dina!! We are honored to get to interview you! You're so talented and we need to hear about what is inspiring your music right NOW! And are there any upcoming projects you're excited to share with us!?

Thank you so much! I just released my latest project “Only Human” last month and I’m very excited about it. It was cool, I hope to shoot the music video very soon.

What do you think fundamentally changed in the music industry in 2020 that allowed artists to leave their comfort zone?

I think we have had more time to get away from doing jobs that were only distracting us from really going for it. I know I have felt like life is so short and we just need to do it now.

What is a hurdle that ended up inspiring you in your career?

I love my hometown so much but growing up in a city where no one really took me seriously when it came to wanting to be a pop singer has inspired me now. I had to really leave to do what I always said I was going to do. I don’t think I could have done it if I stayed.

What is a beautiful piece of advice that has carried you through this year as an artist?

Don’t compare yourself to other artists and their success. Just putting yourself out there and releasing your music and your soul for the world to hear you should be so proud of yourself. That’s a revelation in itself. It’s not about how many Spotify plays you have or Instagram followers. Just keep going.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to chat with us! Your latest single "Only Human" is out NOW! Where can our followers listen to it and support YOU!!

It is on every platform! I’m @dinarenee on everything and you can also catch all updates on, thank you so very much!

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