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Dear Genre goes deep in Body of Water.

What is your upcoming release? My latest release is a single called "Body of Water." How did the lyrics come about? "Body of Water" is pretty directly inspired by the story of Moses from the Bible. I've always thought it was an interesting story. The lyrics came about because I wanted to write a song that considered the emotional and spiritual intensity of an average man transitioning into being a beacon of hope and the spiritual leader of a people. Was it a difficult process writing this song? It was a slightly challenging process writing the song. I wanted to stay true to my beliefs while also being sure not to alienate my fans by making the song too "Biblically based" or Religiously oriented. What is your style when writing new music? My style when writing new music really depends on the song I'm working on. Sometimes ideas come to me out of the blue and I'll have to find time to sit down and record them into the voice memos on my phone. Other times I'm taking ideas from my voice memos into the studio to expand upon. How do songs end up on the chopping block for you? For me, the songs that are meant to end up on the chopping block become pretty obvious to me over time once I have several ideas I can listen through, side by side. Either the song has what it takes to be considered an "earworm" meaning a song that gets stuck in your head the first few listens, or it doesn't. The "earworms" are always super obvious. How can fans get a look inside your world? Fans can get a look inside my world via the band's social media sites like Instagram & Facebook & They're always up to date with the latest news and events! Could you leave us with your favorite lyrics from your next hit! "Just because you're angry doesn't make it alright for you, Just because you're angry please don't make it a life for you" is definitely my favorite line from "Body of Water." Anger has been a primary emotion in my life. That being said, nothing I've ever done out of anger has been productive or beneficial. Where do you connect most with your fans?

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