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Brynn Bowman reveals all about her latest songs.

Tell us your favorite lyrics from a song of yours!

In my single “Suffocate”, I say “I’m not saying that I don’t like you, but I’d gladly be the one to knock you off the pedestal you think no one could break”. We all know that guy that rides a high horse. They’re not your enemy, but you know you’d laugh if they tripped and fell. How did the lyrics come about?

A boy broke my heart, of course! I was angry and fed up with his disrespect. Instead of actually funneling that anger towards him, I turned into the dark thoughts and wrote “Suffocate”. I love singing this song because I gave myself permission to be a villain for just a moment. Was it a difficult process writing this song?

The lyrics flowed out of my brain pretty easily because I had so much to say. They took a lot of inspiration from Panic! At The Disco on this one. I found some chords that felt a little creepy and wrote a fun melody, and it turned into one of my favorites so far. The most difficult part of writing it was editing out the lines that cut too deep. Any lyrics from an upcoming song of yours that you can give us a sneak peek on?

Ooo, yes! “Depression wears the devil’s mask.” Tell us what fans should be listening to now?

“Confident Woman” and “Suffocate” are both out on all streaming platforms! Go, go, go! Where do you connect most with them? Leave socials below!

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