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The Bay Area native, Megan Graney is most well-known for her stylistic approach using healing lyrics and colorful production to create masterful sounds.

Tell us your favorite lyrics from WAVES?

My favorite lyrics from ‘Waves’ are a tie between: “with the ebb and flow, spins a web of growth.” This line carries so much meaning to me. Within the last two years I’ve witnessed tremendous growth within myself and those around me. I think all of us were forced to go beyond our comfort zones, our mental edges continually getting pushed into the unknown. That’s not to discredit the significant growing pains within a short timeframe. I feel life’s lessons are an ebb and flow of continuous learning on all levels.

The second favorite lyrics are: “you are my light, my forever home.” I wanted to end this song with this suspended feeling, almost an ethereal meditation. This line represents an anchor of hope and encouragement to me. It’s clear the collective is going through an unprecedented time of chaos, confusion, and overwhelment. I sang the end visualizing all the people who I love dearly in my life. They are a reminder that everything is temporary. That change is the only constant we can rely on. My love for them continues to be a guiding light and keeps me grounded wherever ‘home’ is.

How did the lyrics come about?

The lyrics came about from a visual of the ocean in my mind’s eye, representing life’s cycles of challenges. I always start with writing lyrics first that come from my mind’s imagery. For this song, I kept getting a clear vision of water and someone staying buoyant while the ocean was calm and also while it was turbulent. I really wanted to pull symbolism from painting a scenic landscape for the listener.

The concept of grief is a journey that changes as time goes by after losing a loved one. Personally, I think someone can listen to this song during multiple pivot points through life and it will resonate differently as we continue to grow. Hence “with the ebb and flow spins a web of growth”. The one thing that is constant is change.

Was it a difficult process writing this song?

It was a sprinkle of both challenging and ease. Challenging in the sense of honoring time and patience to cultivate a healthy healing process for myself, which is never ending. I was creatively blocked for a while, digesting the intensity of everything. Alchemising deep sorrow is difficult to do, but very possible. Like with anything, consistency and dedication was what allowed me to focus on the universal message of this song. I wanted to transmute suffering into something beautiful. This forced me to grow beyond my former limitations and really step into an honest space for my own artistry.

Once I had some distance from my father’s passing, the song flowed easier than I anticipated. My father had been chronically ill for 12 years with congestive heart failure. Although we knew the inevitable was coming, nothing can ever truly prepare you for facing your own mortality when you lose a parent. Now more than ever, we are collectively facing our own values and questioning our quality of life. I wanted to provide a cathartic release for all levels of grief. My self-critic voice went away when I accepted this song had a greater purpose outside of myself. Such a permanent event, and universal topic, deserves more light and understanding through our shared vulnerability.

What was the best part of writing the song?

The best part of writing the song was the cathartic release it gave me. ‘Waves’ was part of my journey in unlocking a lot of stuck emotions that needed to be honored. What really struck me was how much this song resonated with others. This song reminded people of their loved ones who have passed on. Hands down it’s knowing this song had so many touch points all over the world. It gave me a lot of hope to see people yearning for more depth within music.

What is the emotional balance when diving deep?

The emotional balance when diving deep is honoring rest and whatever comes up in between. ‘Diving deep’ requires me to find moments of quiet throughout my day. Prioritizing self-care has allowed me to tap into deeper layers within my own life experience. That also includes how I’m processing what’s happening with the collective. I’ve become really familiar with my own boundaries, careful not to overdo it and exhaust myself. Emotional processing can take a toll. I’ve found this is the perfect combination for me to heal, get inspired, and transmute whatever comes up.

Is there someone or something that pushes you outside of your comfort zone when creating music?

I would say my co-writer, Mitchell Haeuszer pushes me outside of my comfort zone when creating music. Working with Mitchell has definitely honed in my communication skills. I’m still learning how to play another instrument fluently, which is how I’ve learned to convey what I hear in my mind so Mitchell can translate it to guitar or piano. Our strengths complement each other and really push me to get clear on the song’s vision: what shapes the melody, instrumentation, and emotions we’re evoking.

What are the new WAVES you're making with your music?

We are very close to finishing my debut EP. Part of that includes building customized artwork for each song. We are working with graphic creators that can help us capture the emotional symbolism of each song with striking visuals. Eventually, we will be releasing music videos after the unveiling of the EP. Hopefully by next year, I can start to showcase this body of work with live performances. Performing a tour of my own has been a huge dream and we’re building a solid foundation for that to become a reality soon. The journey continues!

Where do you connect most with your fans? Leave socials below!

I mostly connect with my fans through my website, Patreon memberships and Instagram. You can find me and my music at the following:





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