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Certain music simply evades classification, blending the lines between genres — “Electric Sheep” by KinderCrowdControl is a perfect example. With an open-ended narrative that could be interpreted in an infinite number of ways, “Electric Sheep” revolves around the idea of sleep, or the lack thereof, and how it affects the psyche.

KinderCrowdControl consists of two lifelong friends, Edem Elesh and Brett Smith, combining their love for music and fine art. This pairing is apparent in their music style, taking inspiration from both worlds. Beginning with a low rumble, the listener is eased into "Electric Sheep" with a warm crescendo that gets interrupted by an immediate style change, as if woken up suddenly. The new style is psychedelic, depicting a dream-like state, yet the lyrics negate that idea, repeating phrases such as “never sleep, it’s impossible” and “I’m crazy”. A western-sounding whistle takes over, floating on top of the psychedelic production, soon leading to electric guitar then haunting operatic vocals. Somehow, all of these ideas tie together to create a cohesive landscape of sound. KinderCrowdControl accomplishes their unpredictable style through production that utilizes foley work and samples in a cyclical pattern that creates motifs throughout the song. These motifs such as “never sleep” repeat, yet the underscoring propels the story forward in a way that when we reach the motif a second time, we’re in a new emotional state. Ultimately, “Electric Sheep” exists in a genre of its own, pushing the boundaries of fine art through music.

Check out “Electric Sheep” By KinderCrowdControl on Spotify and Bandcamp! And don't forget to drop them a follow on Instagram at @kindercrowdcontrol for upcoming release dates.

Reviewed By: Natalie Powers

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