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Modern Amusement takes us into a deep dive about their debut album Modern Amusement.

You made a debut album this year! Talk to us about your process when you started writing it?

It was actually a pretty different writing process because a good chunk of the songs on this album were written years ago around when I first started writing songs, then there's some that were written right around the time I was recording them this year. With the older songs I was able to tweak them and beef them up from their earlier counterparts, so they kind of represent my past self with the influence of my present self, which I think is pretty cool.

How did you curate the theme of your album when writing the songs?

The album is kind of a summary of my life from when I started up as a musician until now, with old and new influences coming together. It's very 90's inspired, which I think is the most obvious, but there's lots of contemporary influence in there too because I get a lot of inspiration from modern music as well. So you get a taste of all the things that make me, me!

How do you make sure to stay true to yourself in the songwriting process?

For me I think it's important to show my personality in my songs. I've always been a bit of a geek and an outcast and I spent a part of my life trying to pretend I wasn't, but I have found that expressing that quirky side of myself has made me feel a lot happier in life. My lyrics might not make me sound incredibly cool, but I wouldn't want them to because that's just not me!

What has the reaction been like since the release?

With the album release I've finally seen people out of my inner circle of friends and family discovering my music for the first time and it's been really incredible. Just seeing comments and messages from people I don't even know saying stuff like "hey, I really love The Miserable Losers" means so much to me. I'm always very happy when something I wrote connects with someone the same way I connect with the music I love.

What went behind the naming of the album?

It's the self-titled Modern Amusement album so I figured it would be the representation of the project Modern Amusement in its purest form. I guess it's like the mission statement for the band, saying "this is what we do, if you like it, we like you too!"

You have a song called Modern Amusement. Why did you choose to start the album with it?

I thought it would be funny to have a song called Modern Amusement on an album called Modern Amusement by a band called Modern Amusement. Also it could be kind of like our theme song! The song is kind of like the introduction into the world of Modern Amusement, like the prologue, so it had to be the first track!

We are loving the song I Have a Crush On Lisa Loeb! Is this the direction you are going for with your second album?

I suppose yes and no, the second album is a little heavier and a little darker in some ways, but at the same time I do think it's the logical progression to go from a song like I Have A Crush On Lisa Loeb. So basically, if you already like our sound but also don't just want more of the same, I think you'll be happy with album number two!

Where can we stream your album? Support your new music and future music too!

Modern Amusement is streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and all your other favorite mainstream streaming platforms! Also don't forget to check out our social media (Instagram: modern_amusementband, Twitter: @ModernAmusemen2) to know when new things are on the horizon!

Thanks for having us!

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