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KinderCrowdControl talk the amazing adventure and journey of writing together!

Tell us your favorite lyrics from a song of yours! KCC: “You Are The King of Love- you know, Love Soldier” Beautiful words by our celebrated Croatian artist/wordsmith Sandra Ban. How did the lyrics come about? KCC: Well this bears directly on our collaborative process. With the advent of digital media and the internet, bouncing (literally and figuratively) ideas around is fairly simple. Brett and I create a musical idea based around a concept, usually reflecting our response to a current paradigm. In this case it was the lockdowns in early 2020. I put together a series of questions for Sandra to answer (without her hearing the track amazingly enough!), one of which was “Does this paradigm feel to you like government overreach?” She replied that we are responsible for our reactions to events- no one else. We all have in us the ability to be “Kings (and Queens) of Love” and can be “Love Soldiers” instead of fear-based victims. Words of wisdom indeed.

Was it a difficult process writing this song? KCC: Writing music with Brett is always an amazing adventure and journey. We have arrived at a place where we know each other’s mindsets, likes, and loves. We have found that no riff or musical idea is a waste. In this case Brett sent me the sampler riff, and I wrote a guitar line to it. But when Brett arrived to record, the guitar line sounded much more authoritative as a bass line. He then expanded this idea, and I re-imagined my guitar part as response to it. Taking part A, adding part B, getting idea C, and resulting in piece D. Very organic and Magic!

Any lyrics from an upcoming song of yours that you can give us a sneak peek on? KCC: Yes, Sandra Ban from Croatia sent us an idea that is as follows:

"We have the so-called original music. It consists of repeating a word or sentence like a prayer or meditation.

The motives in the people's "ethnos” (her words) are everyday situations. It's mostly just vocals without a melody, like the one I'm going to send you. ... lately in contemporary music, I hear that they have started to appreciate these "ethno" vocals again, and that they are mixing them with modern music. If it can inspire you … The words I repeat are: What to do? or Što da radim."

As usual, and as if by magic, her words always match our current compositions. Tell us what fans should be listening to now? KCC: Thanks for asking! We have several new pieces out now for your listening pleasure: “Love Soldier”, "MMXX/Romans”, “Rhapsody in C19”, “Day Zero”, and most recently “Eastside Western- Remix Remaster MMXXI”. You can find these by Spotifying KinderCrowdControl (one word kids!) or on Amazon and other music outlets. Please Stream and Download! All proceeds go directly into releasing more KinderCrowdControl music. How would you describe your fans? KCC: Brett and I joke about this…“Fantoms”! LOL. No, but seriously, we have fantastic fans like Marco Rocha who streams a podcast, Transmission Lima, from Lima Peru, who plays us alongside contemporary Indie, Underground, contemporary Goth, Punk and Post-Punk, World music, and the like. We are in excellent company on his playlists, and love him to death. Our music seems to cross musical genres. So many people are intrigued by our sound. We just do what we do, put it out there, and enjoy the responses. I have played our music when I am creating art, alongside artists from all over the world, on international art exchange programs and, invariably, when KinderCrowdControl comes on, everybody asks “Who is that?”. It seems to work! Where do you connect most with them? Leave socials below! KCC: Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok seem to be the go-to platforms. We are building these up, so bear with us, and please Like, Follow, and Subscribe! We appreciate all of you! Sending KCC love to the world! Facebook: Instagram and TikTok: kindercrowdcontrol

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