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Singer/ Songwriter Talon David is as thoughtful as she is talented and she shares with us what surprises herself as an artist, lessons learned and enjoying the journey through it all.

What surprises you most about yourself as an artist?

The surprising part to me about my artistic journey has been the necessity to learn all things related to getting music out there. Most artists only do the musical and performing parts, delegating the rest to more equipped parties, but my sound is too specific to something I’m hearing in my head. For the longest time I wasn’t able to communicate my vision with other people and was dissatisfied with myself and what resulted. So, I begrudgingly took up new skills—that’s what happened with engineering, production, piano playing, and honestly, songwriting. In the wee beginnings of my musical interest, I thought I would just be a singer. It is amazing to me how much I have been allowed to become in the process and what may be in store for the future!

If you could go back and tell a younger you something, what would it be?

Being content doesn’t just apply to what you have but where you are. You are doing as much as you can, have peace, eat good food, and enjoy the journey.

What lesson did you learn in 2020 that you have taken into 2021?

We lost a lot last year. As first-world people, we aren’t accustomed to losing that much in such a short amount of time. I lost half of my junior and all of my senior year college experience, and all the friends/connections I would have made during that time. I lost the chance to have a climactic recital as I planned. We lost the ability to feel comfortable around people, even those dear to us. We lost friendships due to polarizing politics. We lost freedom. I lost the freedom to sing. Before 2020, I was all about finding the positive, but all this has taught me that you must first have a time to grieve over what has been lost, and that is much more healing than trying to force optimism. It will come naturally later. This lesson has already proven helpful to know as we continue to lose things in 2021.

Tell us about how you're keeping musically creative? What are some projects you're working on?

Well, I just keep writing songs. There’s a lot of pain out there, a lot of frustration, but a lot of hope at the same time. Part of my artistic mission is to broaden the reach of hope in the world, so I feel very motivated right now. More specifically, I’m about to graduate from college and am preparing my senior recital, which I’ll premiere on Youtube mid-March. It features five of my original songs, which will likely be heard in a recorded format not long after. But it’s too soon to tell!

Where can our audience find you and support all your current and new projects!!

Please follow me on Instagram @talon_liketheclaw— I’m a serious yet silly person and that’s the best way to get to know me right now haha! For just music release announcements, you can head to my website and subscribe to emails. Don’t worry, I ONLY send emails when news is pressing and I announce it there first!

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