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Introducing Some Days are Darker....

NOCTURNE [lyrics]

Please don’t go

Until the morning comes

I hope the morning never comes

Please don’t go

I’ll learn to miss you

When I’m not with you

But for now you’re mine

Please don’t go

I’ll do anything

Name your price and I will pay

In between your breath

I can feel your pulse

With my hand

Around your throat

Is this what you want

So close

Is this what you wanted, baby

It’s only you that I adore

What are your favorite lyrics from your latest single?

Some of the lyrics to Nocturne came very easily as I worked through the song because I knew the sense of insatiable desire I was after, but the last line I rewrote several times. The line is “it’s only you that I adore”. It comes in as a vocal layer in the final build. The core of this song is a fixation, an obsession with one lover. That line is unwavering devotion.

What kind of pull did you feel about making the single?

[Not sure I understand the question so let me know if this makes sense.] There’s a range of styles on our debut album from gritty, bluesy stuff to really stripped down acoustic stuff, but Nocturne draws more from our post-punk influences, as we’ve done previously on songs like Take Me Anywhere. This felt like a good single in terms of genre. Genre is something I struggle with. I’m genre-confused.

Are all your writing sessions collaborative or do you go off on your own? Do you have a preference?

I’m an extremely introverted creative. I can be alone for many, many hours. I enjoy being alone. I enjoy that kind of spiraling madness that comes from solitude when I’m working through ideas. Eventually I’ll surface with something mostly complete that I know I’m happy with, but otherwise I don’t want anyone involved along the way. I think it’s a vulnerability thing. The middle parts are too raw to share until I refine them, if that makes sense.

Do you ever compare the work you bring to the table?

In our process there’s a lot of refining in the final stages. Things like arrangement, instrumentation, or harmonies, but the core of the songs—the riffs, progressions, lyrics and melodies are mostly worked out on my own.

What is standard practice when it comes to if the song is really finished?

For me, the song is not really finished until it’s been properly recorded. There are times I’m still refining lyrics in the studio. Not writing in the studio, but refining lines or a word here and there. Once the song is on tape I consider it final.

What was the goal for making the latest track?

I was chasing the feeling of desire. I had the main riff that was the driving, descending guitar line. To me it was like a winding, spiral staircase going down, down, down. There’s a tension and release, and I knew the release had to be big and rewarding, but also noisy and layered. Heavenly, but unclean. Along the way we thought the noisier parts in that build might be analog synths, but we couldn’t find the right sounds so I ultimately layered various guitars and I’m really happy with how that sits.

Challenges to the new music that no one would know about?

We’ve had a few lineup challenges, mostly with people’s schedules and availability. Some Days Are Darker functions as somewhat of a collective, with me as the main singer/songwriter and a small group of very talented friends that offer me their time. So far we’ve had 3 drummers and 2 different bass players across our various recordings, plus a couple of auxiliary musicians. The spirit—the core—is still the same, but each of the songs tend to have their own character depending on the personnel. It’s one of the things I really enjoy about this band, the song is the same song but the nuances can change. Same voice, different tone.

Favorite memory in the making of this music?

The memories can all be found in the lyrics. I’ve lived these songs over the past few years, and now I go from working them out acoustically in my bathroom to publishing them for the world to hear. Each one is about a challenge I’ve had or something I’ve tried to overcome.

Is there anything off the table when it comes to bringing yourselves into your music?

No, quite the opposite. The goal with Some Days Are Darker is to be as vulnerable as possible. To wear my heart on my sleeve, for better or for worse.

Leave us on a high note! And share some good news!

Our debut album drops on November 18. The first single, Lost Days was released on August 16th, and the next single, Nocturne will be out October 18th. We’ll be joining Chameleons at the Nile Theater in Mesa, AZ on October 19th.

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