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Single Review: Jo James Is Set to Release New Single “Do You Want Me”

By Colin Naughton

Austin, Texas singer/songwriter Jo James releasing a new single “Do You Want Me” on August 9th, 2021. James’ retro style incorporates elements of Blues, Soul, R&B and Funk.

“Do You Want Me” is a soulful track with soothing guitar playing and incredible emotional vocals delivered by Jo James. The message of this song is truly beautiful, it’s about being there for somebody. Being patient as you wait for them to be ready to open up their heart and soul to you. Letting them know that you will always be there waiting with open arms, and they don’t have to face the evils of this world alone. No-one should ever be alone in this world, it’s important to be there for the ones you care about in any way that you can. Jo James’ song helps the listener understand that and makes them want to reach out to those they love. His vocal execution in “Do You Want Me” is powerful, soulful and emotional; it’s such a beautiful song!

You can stream “Do You Want Me” on your preferred streaming service on August 9th, 2021 and you can follow Jo James on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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