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The holiday season is here and so is the dynamic Singer/Songwriter Sarah Harralson which she shares about her "out of the box" holiday single "Frosty", a surprise for fans and the authenticity in her artistry!

Sarah!! "Frosty" is SO fun and different when it comes to a holiday song! Tell us, was that a conscious choice you made when making it?

Absolutely! When I had the idea for a song titled, "Frosty", I knew I wanted to make it an out of the box holiday song with a twist on the meaning of the word.

We want to hear how you’re ending your holiday season?! Any new projects in the works you can share?!

I'm still writing and recording a ton, but also picking out songs I want to share with the world next year! You can also expect a "Frosty" video surprise from me this week.

What’s a resolution going into the new year that you want to make when it comes to your music?

I don't want to hold back. If a song feels right to me, I will release it. I also want to play more live shows if we start to open venues back up again.

What do you want people to appreciate about your artistry?

I hope people can appreciate my authenticity and how I like to tell it as it is with no regret.

Thank you for sharing everything that is going on with you!! Where can our readers go to listen to "Frosty" and support YOU and all your upcoming projects?!

You can listen to "Frosty" on all listening platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) and follow me on social media (@sarahharralson)! Subscribe to my newsletter at so you never miss anything!

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