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We are so excited to be interviewing the powerful Singer/ Songwriter Riley Resa who shares with us about her present EP and the future of her music!!

Riley!!! We are so excited to get to interview you today! Your latest EP Riley Resa is a whole vibe!!! Tell us the creative direction you wanted for it!?

Hi thank you so much for having me! I was definitely just trying to be as real as possible in my new EP. I put my complete raw emotions in the lyrics so that the audience could have a deep understanding of who I am. I tried to hold nothing back and just write!

We want to hear how you’re ending your holiday season?! Any new projects for 2021?!

At the moment I am currently just working on writing as much as I can! I don’t have any live performances coming up due to COVID:(... but I am constantly going live and posting new music and content on social media until I can get back on stage!!

Are there any holiday tunes you have on repeat right now?!

Yes! The music is my absolute favorite part about the holidays! Currently, I have Ariana Grandes “Christmas and Chill” on repeat!

What’s a resolution going into the new year that you want to make when it comes to your music?

I am definitely going to try to work on writing in different genres in the new year! I tend to stick to writing sad songs but I want to get better at writing music you can get up and dance to!

We're excited for our audience to listen to the EP Riley Resa!! Where can they go to take a listen and follow everything you have going on with your music?!

You can find my new EP on Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes, Amazon Music and most other streaming platforms! You can also check out my website to stay updated on new releases and performances. Follow my Instagram and TikTok @rileyresa

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