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Inside 'On The Water' with Travis Reigh.

Give us a look inside a single of yours that everyone should be listening to now! How did the lyrics come about?

The lyrics for “On The Water” just hit us in the best way. I always say your best songs hit you on the spot. This is how it happend. Our guitarist Trey Tucker was sitting in his car after a show on the lake with me and “BOOM” he wrote the song right there. The Lyrics are meant to be what you would do on the water with friends or your significant other.

Was it a difficult process writing the single?

Not at all. When the inspiration hits the songs come pouring out. That’s how it happened with this one.

What is your style when writing new music?

I always tell people our style is country-rock or how Trey says it party-country. Very upbeat to relate with everyone, or a nice ballad with good emotion written in it from past experiences or life experiences.

What was the foundation of this single?

The foundation of this song is about being on the water and having a great time. I want this song to get people ready to be out on a boat enjoying every second of it.

How can fans get a look inside your world?

Fans can definitely see how my life is through my instagram account. My world is a lot of traveling, playing music for the fans, writing new tunes, or spending time with family and friends. Let’s not forget the Travis Reigh mascot “Trigger” my pit rescue mix.

Could you leave us with your favorite lyrics from the song?

“Baby toss me another cold one, yeah we’re right where we belong”

Where do you connect most with your fans?

Mostly at live concerts. However, I do answer a lot of fans' questions by spending a lot of time with them through facebook.

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