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New Music with Liv Byrne!

Hi Liv! It is so great to speak with you!

Thank you for having me!

You just released your song, 'I <3 Olivia'! Will you tell us about that?

Sure! "i <3 olivia" follows the plot of my ex getting a new girl who is the 'better version' of me in an attempt to make me mad/jealous. The song is commentary on the games played post-relationship. If my ex gets a new romantic partner, I hope that means he has reflected and grown from what we had and his new romantic partner has a better relationship than I did. I never understood the socially accepted "hating the new girl" thing. My history is with my ex therefore any ill-will on my end would exclusively pertain to my ex, not a new romantic partner of his. "Olivia" is the name of the 'new girl' because, for one, I didn't want to create some kind of drama or whatever of people trying to figure out the real life people I'm talking about in the song even though the plot is fictional; and two, the 'new girl' is supposed to be the 'better version' of me, I go by "Liv" so she would go by my full name.

You have such an amazing sound to your music! How did you find your voice and land on how you wanted your work to sound?

Oh my god, thank you so much! I think my music is very personality-based so it didn't take long to curate my sound. I write music usually when I'm in an emotional state and then I try to produce said music in a way that honors that emotional state, and I write how I talk. But when it comes to my voice, I did not curate that. I've been training in singing since I was 8 years old and I've always worked on making sure my authentic voice is technically correct but my authentic voice is just what it is. I don't think we choose our natural sound. We can definitely mimic others or organize our voice to sound a certain way but your natural voice is sort of out of your control. I love my natural voice though. We're besties and I wouldn't want anyone else.

You are based out of NYC, correct? Would you say living in the city has influenced your music? If so, how?

I am! I would say the city has influenced my personal comfort and confidence levels but not my music's sound. I feel very free in this city where my authentic self is fully accepted which makes me more comfortable and confident to be myself. When I was growing up in South Florida, I felt as though I always had to fight to be myself whereas in New York City, literally nobody cares who you are.

Do you have a dream venue in the city that you would like to perform at?

I've dreamt about performing at large venues, music festivals, award shows, and everything on the planet of earth pretty much but my dream venue is the Rogers Centre in Toronto. It's because I know how much that would mean to my family. It's a venue that's easy access for them and holds a sense of 'you made it' to myself and my family members. The dream of inviting them backstage before I perform at that venue is one that I think about a lot and hope to accomplish one day. My family has never doubted me and my dreams for even the smallest second and that strong sense of belief in me is one of the factors that drives me every day.

Any upcoming projects you want readers to be on the lookout for?

I am releasing my highly-requested original song "Walk By" Dec. 17th which I am ecstatic for!

Please let everyone know where they can keep up with you and your music!

I am "Liv Byrne" on all streaming platforms and @iamlivbyrne on all social media platforms!

Thank you for your time!

Thank YOU!

For press inquiries:

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