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Artist Corner: The Bulkheads

The Bulkheads, formed in 2019 by Andrew Morrissey (percussionist) and Blake Jennings (bass guitar) out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They knew they wanted to get the people movin and groovin which led to creating “The Bulkheads.” Consisting of: Adrienne Mack Davis (lead vocals/Backup Vocals), Joey Bonenfant (Keys and Lead vocals/Backup Vocals), Jeremy B. Morse (Guitar) and Ari Landau (Saxophone) for the past few years this band has been wearing peoples soles in their shoes out by their driving and high energy performances. Watch and hear their music transcend genres from soulful RnB, to high energy funk and Hip-hop.

Give us the set up of how your latest music came to be?

Joey: The newest music coming out of Bulkheads HQ is the distillation of our improvised impromptu jams that inevitably happen right when we need to play our next song at practice. After we record these jams we then collectively decide how to mold and shape the jam into a full song for the set, whether it be adding sections, changing keys to accommodate vocals, modifying the tempo, and so on. Once a full structure is agreed upon, the chosen vocalist then will add lyrics that fit the overall energy of the song.

AMD: A lot of our sound has resulted from just jumping in with one another and making it work, it’s been a kind of blending of sounds as myself solo and The Bulkheads are two different styles of music so joining the band has been an experiment in finding how to best blend with one another.

What is setting your music apart from what is being heard in the music industry today?

AMD: What sets our music apart is the fact that each of us is vastly different in terms of our styles, tastes and approaches to the music, this keeps our sound fresh, new and unique.

Joey: The Bulkheads have actually done something organically that is breaking new ground in the industry, which is matching up live bands with incredible singers/rappers/emcees, Many artists without bands are confined to performing along with a track. Replacing the tracks with a real band allows these performers to mesh and co-create in real time, creating music that is truly new and unique.

How are you multiplying the ways your music is being heard?

AMD: By beginning to consult with experienced people around us who can help us strategize how to best market and brand ourselves.

Joey: First and foremost, our plan is to release a full length album in the coming months, following the release of our Debut Single, “Greyhound” which is available on all music platforms. Tracking for the album is nearly done and when we are ready we will send out the songs to be mixed and mastered, and eventually released. Aside from the album release we are focused on creating short and long-form video content for our social media pages, including behind-the-scenes clips, live-show recordings, practice videos, photoshoots, radio shows, podcasts and more! In addition, we have signed with a management/booking agency that gets us a number of press placements, as well as booking us in new and uncharted places across the US and beyond.

Why is it so important for you to continue to make new music that matters?

AMD: It’s important to keep creating great music because art can change the world.

Joey: Any new music we make matters to us, and it is important that we continue to make new music because we can, and because we are damn good at it, and because we want to.

What does your latest music say about you?

AMD: it says that we are new and fresh and something to watch out for!

Joey: It says, “Hi, we’re The Bulkheads and we came here to have a fantastic time.”

What is the message you are trying to convey for your fans?

AMD: To go big or go home, to not be afraid to go all in on your dream.

Joey: For the most part, artists are writing songs as an expression of their own experience. I wouldn’t say there is always a certain message being conveyed as much as a story told. Personally, I write songs to convey peace for all, happiness, pleasure, ease, grace with a little touch of badassery.

Keeping up with you is always fun, where can our audience listen to you NEXT?

AMD: Look for our new EP coming soon!

Joey: In person, we will be in Portsmouth, NH at The Press Room January 28 supporting Superfrog. Online be sure to check out our various social media for never ending promotion of live shows and other new content as we work to finish our debut album!

Leave us with a meaningful story that connects to your latest music that is the ultimate takeaway for your fans?

AMD: Fate brought us together and all things happen for a reason, stay tuned in for the Rise of the Bulkheads!

Our newest official member of The Bulkheads, B-House, a legendary trumpeter/trombonist/percussionist formerly of Badfish, Spiritual Rez and others, actually ran into us online by mistake! B-House was approached online by a Rhode Island coverband, coincidentally named “The Bulkheadz” with a “z” In his search for this cover band online, B-House came across our page and, thinking it was the coverband, enthusiastically agreed to play a show with them. Upon receiving the setlist for what would have been their first show together, B-House was suspicious before realizing the band he saw online was not indeed the same band reaching out to him. Luckily for us, he decided to decline the offer from “The Bulkheadz” and decided to reach out to us instead! He showed up to his first practice with us well rehearsed and left us dazzled with his wide variety of skills. We are happy to say that Brian “B-House” _______ will be playing as many Bulkheads shows as he can make, and will surely make an appearance on our upcoming album. As many live music lovers know, there is always a special place in our hearts for the sound of horns, and adding some brass to our sound will complement our saxophonist Ari tremendously. If you’re in New England, be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date on our local live shows. And for the rest of the US, be sure to be on the lookout because we are booking down the eastern seaboard for 2023 and have already booked SXSW in Austin, TX for March 2023! We can’t wait to see where this journey takes us all and we need all the support we can get. Let’s keep live music alive and well post-pandemic and serve our customers some funky business!

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