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Music and Inspiration with Matt Haughey!

Hi Matt! Great to speak with you today!

What have you been working on lately?

I just finished up my newest single, "15 Drafts", which comes out March 11th. I also just played my first show with a band last Friday, so I was busy getting ready for that.

Who inspired you to get into music?

I grew up taking piano lessons, and when I was in middle school I started singing around the piano in my childhood kitchen with my older brothers. I always loved singing and playing piano, so writing songs just seemed like a natural progression to me. I wrote my first songs in high school and released my first song in college.

When was the first time you recall thinking that you wanted to pursue music as your career?

I think that thought first seriously crossed my mind after I released my first song "Make You Happy". I got to hear that song on "Train Tracks" hosted by Pat Monahan, which was honestly pretty surreal. All the positive feedback from that song made me want to keep releasing more.

What is your favorite song you've ever released and why?

My favorite song I've ever released is probably a song called "Homesick". I wrote it as a letter to my younger self, so it really does mean a lot to me. I don't really listen to my own music too much after it gets released, but I do listen to that one. Who are some of the artists currently inspiring you? My favorite artists at the moment are Ed Sheeran, Dermot Kennedy, Noah Kahan, and JP Saxe. What is your favourite song to perform? My favorite song to perform is probably a song called "Sorry". What are you hoping to see in the music world as it continues to evolve? One thing that lots of artists would love to see is better payment from the streaming platforms. I'm not sure if that's something that'll happen any time soon, but the current payment per stream is pretty frustrating in my opinion. Please let everyone know how they can keep up with you and your music! You can find me on all the streaming platforms at "Matt Haughey". For social media, you can find me at "matthaugheymusic". Thank you for your time!

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