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Music and Creativity with Chisa!

Hello Chisa! So great to speak with you today!

What have you been working on lately?

I've been rehearsing with my band for a gig we have on Sunday!

If you had an intro song in life, what would it be? Stronger by Britney Spears! Do you have a song that gets you energized no matter what? Kill This Love and How You Like That by Blackpink both will hype me up enough for any situation life could possibly throw at me. What is a lyric in a song that you think epitomizes great songwriting? I think Kacey Musgraves' entire discography is a case study in excellent, witty songwriting. Also any bridge in any Taylor Swift song is practically the bible for great songwriting. How do you personally approach the songwriting process? A lot of my song ideas end up coming to me when I travel, so I have an absurdly long phone note where I jot down random lyric ideas that pop in my head when I'm out and about and feeling inspired. From there when I'm sitting in front of an instrument, I'll just start playing some chord progressions and pick out a lyric idea that sounds like it'd be appropriate for the music I'm writing and I just flesh out the whole song's lyrics from there. Do you have any advice for artists who are just starting to dip their toes into the songwriting world? I feel like when you're first starting out writing songs it's very much so about quantity vs quality. You have to not be judgemental towards yourself for what you're coming up with and just let the words flow out of you. I feel like I wrote about 10 songs before I ever had a song that I considered a good one. Coming back to it consistently and always putting yourself in a space to be able to write definitely helps too. Any projects coming up you want us to be on the lookout for?

As of right now, I'm focusing more on my upcoming gigs but in the meantime you can listen to my EP that I just dropped called Runaway Season. I'll release another single in the next few months though! But I haven't started recording anything yet so don't hold me to that time frame necessarily! Please let everyone know where to find you and your music!

You can stream my music on all platforms, under just my first name Chisa. Thank you so much for listening!!

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