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Moving into the New Year with Joey Stuckey!

Hi Joey! Thank you for speaking with me today!

Glad to have this opportunity!

What have you been working on lately? Well, I am not fully ready to talk about it just yet, but I have been working on a very exciting collaboration with 3 friends that should be ready shortly after the new year. These are world class musicians and they are assisting to bring new life in to an older song of mine. But, you’ll have to wait until next year for the full story LOL! Besides that, working hard to stay healthy and sane during these troubled times and to continuing my weight loss journey. Have lost over 90 pounds and trying to lose a total of 160 pounds by the end of 2022. Also working hard for my studio and production clients and excited to have the new Mojave MA37 mic in my tool kit for the studio. This is a one-of-a-kind tool that has to be heard to be believed!

The reception to your Jingle Bells cover has been amazing! How has it been seeing that come through? I am very pleased with the reception my “derangement” of that classic holiday tune has received! I have had some great print reviews of the track and we are being played on a good many terrestrial radio stations, so can’t ask for more. The song is fun and upbeat and a bit silly, but as one of my dear friends and my Berklee Professor, Ellen Francese said to me, the original definition of silly is blessed and I certainly am that! As we move towards the end of the year, what have been some of your accomplishments that you are proudest of this year? It sounds kind of boring to most I am sure, but I am so grateful that I have been able to really improve my mic locker at the studio. I have been able to give quite a number of mics a new home in my studio and these tools from Warm Audio, Mojave Audio and Telefunken really make a difference. If you start with a great recording, then the mixing process is much easier because you captured a great sound from the beginning. Of course, I have lots of great mics already, but each new mic offers something special and really allows you to get a nuanced recording. I could geek out about this topic all day long LOL. I am also so grateful that I got a few of the guys in the band together this year for 2 FB live concerts that went over very well and it was just so good to be with these dear friends. Also, I met this year, a truly amazing graphic artist, Darren Melchiorre, who has brought the quality of my artwork for my music up a lot. I have been searching for someone like him for a long time to help this blind man communicate visually the music I am making and at long last, I feel like I am doing that with Darren’s participation! Last and for sure not least, so grateful for my friends and family during the holidays and always! And grateful for the fans of my music all over the world!

Is there something that inspires you in your day to day life? Oh yes, I am always being inspired. I love to hear the birds first thing in the morning, their song is something that I try to bring in to this mortal plane with varying degrees of success LOL. So grateful and inspired by my wife, Jennifer, and my dad, Talmadge, and my mom, Reva, and of course by music from my favorite artists! I am always listening to old favorites from the past and looking for new music to consume, such a fun thing to discover and I just love being inspired by my production/studio clients!

What is a piece of advice you want to give readers and listeners as the new year approaches? While I greatly respect Jedi master Yoda, I would say, you always must try LOL. If you don’t try, you fail or sure. I love the quote there is no try there is do or do not, but from my perspective, sometimes, the trying and failing is just as educational as succeeding. There is a season for all things and sometimes you aren’t successful because you need to grow more before you are ready to be blessed with the opportunity or success. Just always do your best and know that is enough!

Please let everyone know where they can keep up with you and all your work! Website Studio YouTube Twitter IG FB TikTok Newsletter Bandsintown Merch Fan Zone Spotify for JS3 iTunes for JS3 Sun Sessions

Thank you for your time! My pleasure!

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