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The powerful lyrics of MJ...

What are your favorite lyrics from Not Girl Summer?

"I am who I am But I hate Who I see Look in The mirror Need to Get myself Clean My mind Stay foggy And my soul Has debris With images Of darkness To make My pain cease"

How did the lyrics come about?

I was at home suffering from depression due to a car accident which had the potential to change everything. I use my car in order to help fund my music and my work in general. And I was just so worried over what the future would be and a part of me almost felt like giving up. So the lyrics were definitely a way for me to open up about those feelings and the depression I was suffering at the time.

Was it a difficult process writing this song?

It definitely was. Originally the song was going to be a much different type of song. It was going to be lighter and about my dreams of living in Los Angeles. The lyrics are very heavy so it was hard for me to emote without getting too emotional myself. And plus worrying just on how this song would be received because you don't really hear a female rapper singing about suicide.

Could you talk about the visuals?

Sure! The video was filmed in Pearland at a rented house. I wanted to play on again the theme of hot girl summer but it being almost like satirical. Like you like here's this girl in a bikini chilling you thinking she's just enjoying her life and living her best life doing bad bitch things but as it turns out she's actually going through it. There is meant to be a little bit of humor in the video but still some seriousness as well.

Could you give fans insight on your writing style?

Honestly I write whenever I have a thought or idea that comes to mind. I can go long stretches without writing and then boom out and then boom I'll turn out like 3 songs especially when I'm going through things or I use it as a form of therapy. I'm learning how to use my music as a form of therapy for myself and a way to open myself up more to the world. It's not really structured and for the longest I will be hard on myself about not being structured but now I'm learning that everyone has a right to their own creative process Experience

What is most important to you when you're writing a new song?

That my lyrics are on point and that it makes sense. And that I sound like I know what the hell I'm talking about lol.

Where do you connect most with your audience? Leave socials below!

I'm mostly on Instagram but I post on my Facebook and Twitter as well. So please follow me on all streaming platforms and subscribe to my YouTube channel because I will be posting on there a lot more. I just uploaded a new lyric video to my other single "MOONLIGHT" so go ahead and check that out!

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