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Melotika Talks Newest Project, Digital Dreams!

Hello Melotika! So lovely to speak with you today! Tell us about your latest project! It’s so exciting that Digital Dreams is finally here! The song was written back in 2020 and was supposed to be a B-side off my latest Retro Dance Pop EP Dancing Without You. After some thought, I felt like this song had its own eccentric vibe and was its own thing so I waited a bit longer to release it. It's the perfect introduction to a new Melotika era. My sound has evolved to this New Era of Retro sound and I've never felt more sure of myself as an artist. The song sings about our obsessions with the online world making light out of a dark situation since the global pandemic and partaking in the new virtual world.

What is a dream venue for you to perform in? Tough question! For me it would be the Bell-Center here in Montreal. I have seen so many incredible artists and my idol play here and it would be a dream come true to have that opportunity.

What has been keeping you inspired to create recently? What keeps me inspired to create is the on-going hustle and uncertainties of where my music will take me. I say that because we are in a time where music is so accessible and the competition is higher than ever. If I can continue to write music that I am proud of and can resonate with others, I know that someday my music can break through the mold.

What has been the biggest game changer in your career this far? When the pandemic hit us all in early 2020 I realised how important music and social media has become. Realizing the importance of having a 'strong' social media presence was a huge game changer for me and brought on lots more challenges. It's almost like a never ending game. Having great music and a solid product int enough and I am still wrapping my head around this new era. Who would you say is your biggest cheerleader in your career?My boyfriend. He is also an artist, Alternative Hip Hop artist 'Krosst Out.' We have been through a lot of music industry struggles together, orked on music together and have toured and performed together. It's really cool to have someone by your side that just gets it.

How important do you think it is for artists to know and understand music history? I think its extremely important. Its important to have respect for the artists who paved the paths for all the new artists we currently have today.

Any upcoming projects you want us to know about?

Other than promoting 'Digital Dreams' and planning for the next release and song-writing, I am slowly building my home studio so I can start recording my new music from home. Now that Covid restrictions seem to be lifting here in Canada, I have a show that has been postponed in Toronto for this Summer at Monarch Tavern on June 3rd and I will be planning to perform abroad in some USA cities. So far I have Aug 12 reserved in Houston, TX at Dan Electro's Bar and will be curating an electro, retro pop night!

Please let everyone know where they can keep up with you and your music! Please visit my website as your main hub for everything Melotika related! You can find me on Instagram @melotika and on Twitter & TikTok @melotikmusic !

Thank you for your time!

Thank you!

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