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Matt Freedman shares who inspired his single GoodLove!

How excited are YOU Matt about your GoodLove success?

It's been an incredibly humbling experience to write and record such a fun song about my person, Lindsey, my wife :). The success is a tribute to the hard work that the team put in to get it produced, mixed, mastered and executed at a high level. I'm incredibly grateful to have such talented, hard working people around me on this journey. How did the lyrics come about?

I was sitting on the beach in the Outer Banks with my wife and two little girls, and she shot me one of those looks like she used to when we were teenagers falling in love.. and I just had this overwhelming reminiscent feeling and brought back all of these old memories about when we were first dating. I wanted my debut release song to be about her, and the appreciation I have for her as I run down this dream of songwriting and launching a solo artist career. Was it a difficult process writing GoodLove? Some songs just pour out of you when you sit down to write, this was one of them. I wrote it cover to cover in about 20 minutes with music, melodies, and got in the studio the first day I was back from OBX to begin recording it. What is your style when writing new music? I'm always the person in the room looking for emotion, and connection. If I'm doing a co-write with others, I'll be a bit of a detective and a bit of a therapist for people.. I like to try and get to know someone first and hear their story and what's going on in their lives to bring out good songs. The best songs are written when someone has a deeply emotional moment, or a connection to something happening in their lives. It's my job to take those stories and format them in a way that's digestible and relatable to other people. When I'm writing by myself, the inspiration can come from anything, and there are many many days (trust me) that inspiration doesn't come easy. But songwriting is a muscle that needs to be flexed at least once a day as a habit to stay consistent. What was the foundation of this single? The foundation of the single was to launch my solo-artist career with an appreciation anthem for my wife. I didn't want to over-think the writing, the production, or anything about the nature of the sonics. I purely wanted to get a song out that called out the appreciation and adoration I have for the person who has single-handedly pushed me down the path of success. She's my biggest cheerleader and I certainly am hers. How can fans get a look inside your world? Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube for right now! Could you leave us with your favorite lyrics from GoodLove? There's a line about her wearing a leather jacket (that she always thought she looked silly in), but I remember so vividly that It used to crush me when she would wear it. Although the lyrics may seem like things you may have heard in other songs before, I've actually lived every word in this song with Lindsey over our time together which has spanned over 16 years! Where do you connect most with your fans? Instagram for sure. It's where I'm most active and always chatting with people about the music and everyday life! Listen On:

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