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Liv Byrne on Inspiration and Creativity!

Hi Liv! It is great to chat with you!

It’s so great chatting with you! What have you been working on lately?

Right now I’m working on the visuals for some really exciting, upcoming projects. If there were no roadblocks between you and your dream project, what would that project be?

I do have a few roadblocks but I truly feel as though this project I’m working on currently is a dream project. I’m making sure everything sounds and looks exactly how I want it. If you could have dinner with an artist past or present and get to talk to them about music, who would it be?

I would love to have a conversation with Ariana Grande. She has both “played the game” of the industry and done what she felt was right and authentic to her. She’s also been in this industry since she was 13 and has worked on Broadway, in the TV/Film world, and the music industry. She has truly been through it all and I’d love to get a few hours of her time. What do you do when you have writer's block or a creative block? Any go-to ways to shake yourself out of it?

Well, I use writing music as a diary so my overthinking ass normally always has something to say. The only time I get “writer’s block” is when I won’t allow myself to talk about something on my mind. It could be because it’s too painful, too vulnerable, or too complicated but either way I’ve learned that I can’t force myself to do anything I don’t want. I just give myself time. How do you stay motivated to keep creating?

Life. Everytime I take a break from writing and work on finishing songs or work on business/visual elements something in life always happens that makes me go “ahhh where’s my piano?!” Also listening to an influx of independent artist helps. There is so much incredible music out in the world, if you go looking for it, you’ll always have a source of inspiration. Or if I’m really in a rut, I’ll go watch a live performance because it always makes me want to get up there and sing. What has been the biggest game changer in your career this far?

Once again, I’m going to have to say life. My music and art is a reflection of my constant inner monologue and life affects that. After everything that has happened these past almost 2 years, I feel like I have become a completely different person. I see vulnerability as a strength and because I’m more willing to be open, my music is better. What is inspiring you right now?

Currently it’s “Dark Red” by Steve Lacy, “Ease My Mind (Come Over)” by Nija, “Dr. Whoever” by Aminé, and “Happier Than Ever” and “I Didn’t Change My Number” by Billie Eilish. Do you have any upcoming projects you want us to know about?

I have a single coming out soon! And much much more! Can’t wait for this era to start:)

Please let everyone know how they can keep up with you and your music!

I am ‘Liv Byrne’ on all streaming platforms and @iamlivbyrne on all social media platforms! Thank you! Thank YOU!

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