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Naomi Sky talks her favorite lyrics from her latest single 'Let's Dive In'!

Tell us your favorite lyrics from a song of yours!

“Just take a deep breath and let me in

Let’s dive in” – that’s from my single, “Let’s Dive In”, and I love those lyrics because sometimes I think we make love/romance harder than it is. And all we really need to do is just take a chance How did the lyrics come about?

I can get so in my head about romance/love, and I think it can even sometimes feel easier to do that [worry about it] than trust, let go, and dive into something new. So writing this song was my way of telling myself it’s okay to take a chance on a new guy and a new relationship because we don’t know how something might turn out until we try.

Was it a difficult process writing this song?

No, I had so much fun writing this song! The lyrics came to me in a flow state of mind, so I wrote most of the song in about an hour. And then when I took it into the studio, my producer suggested repeating a part in the bridge, and he helped me add to the bridge a bit.

Any lyrics from an upcoming song of yours that you can give us a sneak peek on?

Oooh sure! I’m really excited about the next single I’m releasing, called “With You”! So here’s a little sneak peek:

“Create a place of our own

Off the grid, no one knows”. Tell us what fans should be listening to now?

Stream my single, ‘Let’s Dive In”! It’s a great summer jam! And my current favs are “Woman” by Doja Cat and “Wave of You” by Surfaces!

Where do you connect most with them? Leave socials below!

I’m on Instagram (@naomiskyyhighh) and Tiktok (@naomiskyhighh)! That’s where I’m most active, and you can connect with me on all my socials! I love connecting with people and hearing from fans!







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