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Kendra Chantelle is not only a gifted Singer/ Songwriter but a true star that's inspiring! She shares with us about what her latest single "I Still Believe" means to her, the beliefs she's created along the way and what it truly takes to keep going for your dreams through it all!

Hello Kendra!! We're loving your latest single "I Still Believe"! What is something as an artist that you still believe in?

Hey! Thanks so much for having me here today. I'm so glad you're enjoying the single! I still believe is the power of authenticity. It is so easy and tempting to want to follow trends, do what everyone else is doing, etc. but I think our greatest power as artists lies in doing the unique art/sound/calling only we can deliver and that comes from remaining true to yourself.

What is a hurdle that ended up inspiring you in your career?

I think the resistance you sometimes feel as an artist has turned out to be a hurdle that has inspired me in my career- I know that sounds kind of confusing, but there's something very telling about still wanting to pursue what isn't coming effortlessly- it let's you know you really care! Of course, it would be so awesome to experience a free-flowing, resistance free career path, but I wouldn't know how much I truly want this without knowing I still want to push through even the toughest of moments.

What is a beautiful piece of advice that has carried you through this year as an artist?

I think remembering the power of belief is so important. I took a songwriting class at Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music a couple years ago- my friend and amazing writer and teacher Deanna Walker teaches the "Blair Hit Songwriters" class (creatives, take the class, it's incredible!) and one of the guest speakers was one of my favorite songwriters and talents in town, Ruby Amanfu. She spoke about remembering specific mantras throughout times of resistance in her own career and I *love* mantras already, but she shared one of her favorites and it has become a staple in my life and career : "I am destined for greatness and it is unfolding." Those words comfort me, inspire me and remind me of my path- this year especially!!

Do you believe there is only one shot you get in your career?

I will admit, I am one of many who moved to Nashville at a young age with one specific career goal in mind and held on to that limiting belief that you get one shot at the one "dream" and I am so thankful to have moved past that mindset. I now think there are infinite ways to succeed, infinite routes to your goals and infinite ways you can experience your dreams coming true! It is so important that we remain open to the mysterious ways our dreams and goals come to fruition, because I've learned it almost *never* happens how you think it will, but don't lose faith that it'll happen. Don't worry too much about the how. Just go!

You are such a pleasure Kendra and your musical journey is incredible! Where can our readers go and follow it ALL?!

You can keep up with me on instagram @kendrachantelle and I have a link tree that takes you to my music, website, merch and more! Thanks so much!

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