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We are here chatting with top-notch Singer/ Songwriter Nick Johnson about latest release "Done Done Done", what he is "Done Done Done" with and how he's getting through the rest of this year because he is definitely excited for the next!

Hi Nick!! We have been listening to "Done Done Done" on repeat! We want to hear what you are "Done Done Done" with as we approach 2021!?

Hello! Thank you, I’m so happy to hear that. Man, there are too many things! I’m “Done Done Done” with Covid 19 for real!

What’s a resolution going into the new year that you want to make when it comes to your music?

To some extent I started my resolutions early this year. I want to give my music the best chance it can to be heard by as many people as possible. It’s so important to connect and that’s really my resolution. To connect with as many people as possible with my music/art.

What’s a new project you’re working on that is getting you really excited for 2021?

I have a new song/video called “Spread Love” and it will be released in January 2021! For me it’s a pretty epic song and I’m eager to put the message and song out into the universe.

Who have you been able to lean on when it comes to keep you creatively motivated?

Justine Blazer and I have been working together since the “Lockdown” ended. Justine is amazing and has been and is a big help and become a good friend of mine.

It was a pleasure to get to interview you Nick!! Tell us where the readers can follow your music and listen to it ALL?!

Thanks again for having me. I really appreciate it. All my socials are below to connect!

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