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Hustle Souls is an Asheville, NC based soul band who blend dust-covered-vinyl nostalgia with modern sensibility; recently named one of "Music Connections" Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists & Bands. Driven by a lust for songwriting, the band’s fervid live performance is heightened by undeniable instrumental prowess, roaring B3 organ and electric guitar, trumpet, and 3 part vocal harmony. With relentless touring, sold out shows and major festival appearances the band has earned a reputation as one of the East Coast’s most promising acts. The band name HustleSouls pays homage to the Muscle Shoals sound. While not at all a tribute act, the band did use Muscle Shoals as a beacon to point the band’s wide ranging influences toward a cohesive center where Southern twang, swamp, and gospel blend with soulfunk and groove. After releasing a series of live in studio videos called Snaggy Mountain Sessions, the band was contacted by gold and platinum mixer and producer Eric “Mixerman” Sarafin (the Pharcyde, Ben Harper. The Brand New Heavies etc.) about making an album. HustleSouls debut full length “Color” was released in 2018. In 2021 the band released a 6 song EP, titled Daydream Motel which has earned praise from American Blues Scene, Bluestown Music, Aldora Britain Records, Midwest Record, NC Music Mag among others. Lead single “Montana” recently charted on Roots Music Report’s Soul Blues Song chart. HustleSouls band members are: Multi-instrumentalist Billy Litz Guitarist Chris Everett Bassist Jonathon Taylor Drummer Kevin Scott.

"Don't Make Me Ask Again" Well I can play chess with the Generals And not lose a pawn, Make love to Aphrodite All night long I can sing like Sinatra And I look like him too It’s true Well I can clean all the teeth On a crocodile smile Walk the Sahara And swim cross the Nile I can speak in every language You’ve ever heard c'est vrai But honey I could use a friend I know Its hard to believe its so Don’t make me ask again That would just be cruel Well I can see straight into the future I can read your palm I know the secrets of the pyramids I know David’s song I can wrestle the Devil With just my left arm Its true Well I can walk straight into the boardroom And fire the boss Then tie a rope between the buildings And walk right across I can do my own dishes I can tie my own shoes Its true But honey I could use a friend I know Its hard to believe its so Don’t make me ask again That would just be cruel But if I can be frank If I can honest, Its not all true You see me days have been burdens the nights are abuse And Lately I can barely pull myself up out of bed Its true But honey I could use a friend I know Its hard to believe its so Don’t make me ask again That would just be cruel What are your favorite lyrics from your latest single? I think my favorite line is when I say, "I can sing like Sinatra, and I look like him too" it's a rare moment of sarcasm and light hearted self abasement that really sets the song up. I also like "I can do my own dishes, I can tie my own shoes" because it's the first time in the song where the singer starts to humble up and show some vulnerability. What kind of pull did you feel about making the single? I wanted to have some fun with wordplay, to set up a kind of lounge jazz singer vibe that took some restraints off my lyric writing style, wanted to mess around with words and do something ultra-grand and kind of funny, but I was really happy when it all came together with what I think is a pretty serious and relevant statement for a lot of people these days. It's a song about a person putting up a larger than life perfect front toward the world when really they are crumbling and lonely inside. Someone too cool to admit they need a friend. Are all your writing sessions collaborative or do you go off on your own? Do you have a preference? Most of the time the writing is done alone. I really couldn't imagine being open and vulnerable and taking risks with lyrics with someone else. Music can be fun to explore together but for me writing lyrics is so personal I have to do it alone. Do you ever compare the work you bring to the table? How could I not? I am first and foremost a fan of music, I love the lyrics of Tom Waits, Jeff Tweedy, Bright Eyes, Big Thief, Dylan, Prine etc. These people are heroes and something to aspire to. Truth is they are such unique artists any comparison is probably futile but I do get a little tinge of pride when I think, yeah, John Prine could've said that. What is standard practice when it comes to if the song is really finished? If the song is really finished I can perform it in front of people, the band, my wife, the audience, whoever without being self conscious. You get these little moments of insecurity when a part is weak or less than finished. If I can stay in the moment and just play the song while someone else is listening it's probably done.... for now at least! What was the goal for making the latest track? The goal is always the same, to write the best song of all time and say everything I have ever thought and felt about life, love, music, fear, doubt, joy etc. Haven't hit the goal yet but have had some fun trying haha. Challenges to the new music that no one would know about? We recorded this in a broken studio with broken AC in the middle of the summer. We called the EP "the Heat EP" for a while because we were all miserable and sweating the whole session. It seemed like nothing in the studio was working right and we ended up having to re-do a bunch of stuff we couldn't capture on the first try. But it all worked out in the end. Also, at the the close of the song when the horns come in we went to a high school gymnasium and borrowed the marching drums to capture that part so thats the real deal at the end! Favorite memory in the making of this music? Definitely the first day I wrote the song. I honestly didn't think the band would ever use it because it was so lounge-jazz inspired but that freedom let me really get playful with the song and I had a blast coming up with lyrics. Is there anything off the table when it comes to bringing yourselves into your music? Not at all... except I am sure there are some limits but that's all sub-conscious. I am just looking to go wherever the inspiration leads. Leave us on a high note! And share some good news! We've got LOTS of new music in the works right now and have big plans for making moves when we get back from our North East tour this winter! Stay tuned! Socials PLEASE:

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