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Nomae talks showing up for her dreams and working hard to achieve them!

Hi Nomae! Love the name, it's so unique! Can you tell us more about it!

Yes! My artist name Nomae sort of represents a few things.... how nuts I am, and the beginning of my marriage/ family. I studied abroad in college, painting murals at a University in Costa Rica. We made quick friends with the local students and found ourselves at Francisco's birthday party. Dude walks up to me with ya know... the eyes... and his buddy Chichi says in a heavy accent "do you want to marry him??" Without thinking too much, I said, "porque no, mae?!" (why not, dude?) and then I literally married the dude. I mean, not then and there, but eventually. It was a... love - at - first - sight - even - though - we - don't - speak - the - same - language kinda thing. I know that sounds insane, but somehow it happened to me hahaha. So Nomae... or literally Nodude in Spanish. It felt right. What has been the trickiest part entering into the music business? Hmm... my own self doubt. I finally reached the point of deciding I wasn't going to give up, no matter how foolish or how stupid my questions may have been in the beginning. I've definitely embarrassed myself, and I'm sure I will again, but it won't stop me. I've found there are so many genuine, supportive people in the industry, but people are just busy. You can't get offended by the fact that you need to prove it to people. They need to see that you can hustle, be consistent, professional, easygoing, and kind. No one is going to discover you and make your dreams appear on your lap without you showing up and working hard first. That lesson took a long time to learn and I'm still a work in progress. Who has been your biggest support system? That's a long list. I'm the only musician in my family, but they all believe in me and love me well. They'll also check me and help keep my head on straight. Professionally, I am very close with my collaborators, Anel Saucedo and Moe Loughran. They both encourage me daily. What kind of music do you want to make? I have been in love with writing in several different genres! It really fits my hyper adhd ways. I'll write a bunch of happy pop songs, and inevitably feel the need to go somewhere else creatively, so then I'll make some dark somber songs, etc. Every song informs the next one in some way, and I'm completely addicted to the creative process of making finished music out of nothing... out of sounds or words in the imagination. That's why I love working in sync, as well as releasing some things as an artist! There's no end to the new music! However, if you catch me on a Sunday lazily writing songs without a particular goal in mind, pensive indie folk stuff will come out naturally.

Are you writing anything currently?

I am writing so much, I can hardly keep my head straight! I wouldn't change a thing, though. I'm working on a 10 song pop project, and building a catalog of darker, moody cinematic songs in groups of 5, and writing with friends on other things in between. I just got home from a studio weekend out of town, and we tweaked, wrote, or began a total of 9 songs in 1 really long day. Needless to say, I'm (happily) drowning in music. Give us all your socials so we can continue to support you and your journey!

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