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We couldn't wait to chat with the epic Singer/ Songwriter Gwendolyn about her latest chilling single "Absinthe", how chillin' out at home ended up lighting a fire in her and now we have chills!

Gwendolyn!!! We LOVE the groundbreaking piece of art "Absinthe" please tell us about the song and what our readers can expect?!

Hi! Thank you so much. Well I've learned that most people think my song "Absinthe" is about a toxic love or even suicide, and I guess it is in a way. I tend to write when I need to make sense of something. The inspiration for this came when I heard this insane statistic that the fastest-growing segment of heroin users in the US is suburban housewives. I had to get inside of that. I had to crawl around inside the skin of that woman, because I just couldn't fathom what could be so intoxicating and alluring that you would cut the cord to everything you built and everyone you loved just to keep chasing it. Tragic to think of from the outside, to be sure. That's the lens it's most commonly seen through. But I wanted to see it from the inside... that seduction, that first brush with heaven that cracks your planet.

We want to hear how you’re ending your holiday season?! Any new projects in the works!?

It's been a weird year. I haven't seen my parents or siblings in a year. I've felt very isolated at times but I've used that to give attention to my music and set some of these songs free into the ether. I've actually put a ton of work into that. I have an intrepid little 4 year old daughter who has been home with me most of the time, so I'm just gonna be honest and say I'm pretty bone tired. I have been burning the candle at both ends for a while, so right now I've given myself permission to rest a few weeks. Y'know... since it's Christmas. I'm going to enjoy a quiet, weird, quarantine Christmas with my husband and daughter, and then I have 2 new singles ready to go in the new year that I'm excited to share! One is a very personal ballad. The other is a gritty haunting little hills-y piece.

How did your career change in the last year that you’re grateful for?

This last crazy year has made me realize how many things I took for granted. Like the ability to get on a plane and give my family a hug. It's made me see how fleeting time is, and how much I value the interactions with my family and friends. The biggest thing this year made me realize is that time flies by while you're procrastinating or making excuses. The quote "Don't die with your music still in you," started ringing in my ears, and it lit a fire in me. That quote has inspired me every day to overcome the obstacles and fears of getting my music out there in a bigger way.

How have you taken care of yourself in 2020 with all the changes not only happening in music but the world?

Y'know, I've just really listened. When the pandemic started to get real, I felt like the Earth and Mother Nature were speaking and we needed to listen. We had gotten too lost, selfish and disoriented in the day to day grind, and we needed to slow down and listen. There was a purpose to this and a lesson to be learned. So I've tried to honor that and be more compassionate toward myself and the situation. I've definitely learned that it's so important to find contentment in the here and now.

It was a pleasure to get to speak with you! Where can our audience go to follow and support "Absinthe" and follow your music journey!!?

Ah yes! Thank you, I really appreciate the interview and the support! Stay connected with me for some live streams and the next singles coming in the new year!

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