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The band Grayhunter has more of a message in their lyrics!

Tell us your favorite lyrics from a song of yours! We have many, but one of our favorite lyrics is "I know it's luring you, don't let it bury you alive" from our song "Borderline". How did the lyrics come about? We are very open about calling attention to the importance of mental health, and that particular line best describes our main message. During our darkest moments, it is really easy to fall down the rabbit hole and give in to the temptation of unhealthy coping mechanisms because they are easy and convenient. However, these lyrics urge our listeners to resist that temptation and fight the gravity of the downward spiral.

Was it a difficult process writing this song? It was a little difficult. Each of our songs has a slightly different sound because the lyrics come first and facilitate creating the melody and music, so getting the lyrics down is the most important and thus hardest part of the writing process. On top of that, writing a song about self-awareness in searching for mental and emotional stability is a complicated and vulnerable subject. Any lyrics from an upcoming song of yours that you can give us a sneak peek on? "We had such a good run, up until the skeletons we hid away finally came out to play" This is the opening line to the next single we plan to release in the near future. The song is about realizing all the viable options that might have saved a relationship, had you known then what you know now. Tell us what fans should be listening to now?

Everyone should check out our latest single "Waves", which we just released at the beginning of this year. Also, if they listen to our EP "Comeback Kid", they can hear our growth as a band and as musicians in general. How would you describe your fans?

Our fans are simply the coolest. We can tell how open-minded they are from listening to our range of sound as well as the straightforwardness of our lyrics. They have also been so loyal and supportive since we first formed as a band over three years ago, and we promise to do our best to keep them happy. Where do you connect most with them? Leave socials below!

The best way to connect with us is Instagram, but we have other ways for fans to contact us!

Official website:

Instagram/Twitter: @grayhuntermusic


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